The Undying System
8 Real beasts
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The Undying System
Author :ManiComb
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8 Real beasts

Jake has been running through the forest for hours, the sun has already starting to set behind the horizon. During all this time no beast dare to approach Jake because of the stench he was emanating, he smelled like blood and death.

'It's so boring I've been running for half a day and I still haven't met any noteworthy beast'

[DANGER I've detected two incredibly powerf...]

Before the system could even finish warning Jake about the approaching doom two enormous shadows flashed past him with enormous speed. Jake was startled and took a couple of seconds to recover from what was in front of him. After which his body started shivering..... but not from fear, in fact, it was excitement.

'Shit, and here I thought that there were no powerful bests here...'

In front of him stood two giant beasts that were battling each other, their speed was so incredible that to Jake it seemed as if they were blinking in and out of existence. Jake asked the system to show him their information, and what he saw next shocked him.

The creature on the right was an evolved version of the magical wolf he had slaughtered previously, it was a B class monster. It had a beautiful multicolored fur that was moving in the wind and a muscular and well-built body that was standing at just less than 3 meters in height, its eyes were bloodshot and it seemed to be bleeding from one of its legs.

The creature on the left seemed like a giant lizard, you could compare it with a dragon missing its wings, it too was a B class monster. It had very tough looking scales that glimmered with light shining off them and a very menacing tail with a blade on its end that it was using to slash at that poor wolf.

[Jake you should consider leaving they are not opponents that you can handle]

'Why do you always ruin my fun, I want to see how this fight ends'

While the system and Jake were having an argument the fight between the two beasts was reaching its peak. The giant lizard swung its tail forward, towards the wolfs heart who barely managed to doge and just got scraped by it. Using a moment of "distraction" on the lizard's part it moved towards its neck will bearing it fangs wide open. The lizard seemingly noticing its intention just stood rooted in its place preparing to swipe its tail at the wolfs head...

The force of the clash sent Jake and a couple of smaller trees flying. When Jake steadied himself and after he finished checking his body for any sign of injury he rotated his head toward the two beasts...

'damn... that's too bad I was hoping the wolf would make it'

[Jake now that you've seen just how powerful beasts inside this forest are you should go back to your training, I will guide you to the nearest cave where you can be safe]

'For once I agree with you, I'm not strong enough... Just yet'

While he was thinking this a cold glint flashed through his eyes, and a smile appeared on his face, except that this smile would send anyone watching it shivers down his spine.





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