The Duke of Donkey
14 Start of Staff Journey
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The Duke of Donkey
Author :Gillstar
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14 Start of Staff Journey

As soon as Gill saw the sign he went towards the caves opening. Gill swimmed to the opening but as soon as he was the opening he saw a black figure dashing towards him and before he could react the figure knocked him unconscious.

When Gill woke up he saw the Duke looking at him and at his sad there was a man. The man spoke first and said hi I'm sorry for knocking you unconscious but it is just a safety proceder to make sure no one can come inside that aren't supposed to. Anyways I heard that you are here to get a mystic weapon.So what weapon is on your mind.

Gill answered saying a staff. The man looked at him and said are you sure wouldn't you want to pick something more useful in battle the staff is the weakest weapon there you should choose a Draco-Spear instead they are the most useful in combat. Gill shaked his head and said I'm sorry but I rather choose the staff.

Ok fine said the man and by the way my name is Jamel. Oh nice to meet you my name is.... No don't tell him your name sceamed the Duke. You can never tell some one your real names,names hold power and they are scared in this world. His real name isn't Jamel so I suggest you make up a name to protect your identity.

Hah he's right anyways lets get down to business. I will make the staff but since no one has made a staff for centuries you have to pay me to make it and you are in charge of finding the materials to make your weapon. Gill then said but I have the materials right here. Jamel laughed and said you think you can make a mystic weapon like that you think it's that easy you have to be a top mystic artist to make a weapon with your mind if not it will always end up broken. So go on and find what you want to make you weapon with come find me when you are done and since you want to make a staff you need 5 parts to make a complete staff your master will tell you them.


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