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The Cartographer Of Memory
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18 Rationale

(Excuses for why we failed at love too) After Warsan Shire

1) Because love is never enough.

2) You smell like another man's war.

3) Your lover's tongue is a gypsy that is always seeking home in new women.

4) There are rooms in his heart he doesn't want you to enter (He forgot how to enter them without first breaking into a sea or a tornado).

5) You were never enough.

6) You were too enough (There was too much of you in the air he breathes, he claimed too much love chokes people).

7) We allowed the music of silence to overwhelm the sounds of our laughter.

8) Love is a language that keeps on un-sticking itself from our tongues.

9) He carries the ghosts of all his old lovers in his bones, there was no space for you to live.

10) She found warmth in the arms of a man that doesn't look like you or her father or that Mathematics teacher from grade 4.

11) We were both looking for something that couldn't be found in heaven and orgasms.

12) The women in your family smell of loneliness.

13) Because your love is a quicksand that takes and takes.

14) She got tired of waiting (her love aged into a valley of dry bones)

15) We were too afraid to fly, afraid the wind will break our wings, so we settled for a middle ground (somewhere between believing and becoming)

16) Love appeared to us in the form of a shadow, we couldn't touch it, couldn't hold it, couldn't make it stay.

17) How can you love a man who moulded his own tongue into fire? (How do you make love to fire?)

18) Because forever is a myth told by lonely housewives.

19) You can't grow love out of memories; you can't trap love in a body.

20) Mother said 'not all men can be soft enough to be written into songs'; but you tried to compose a symphony for a man whose father only taught him how to be hard.

21) You can't pray bad love away.

22) Before you first learnt that another name for god is love, you had spent nights writing love in the hearts of godless men.

23) You fell for the rhetoric of the society 'Men don't love like that...'

24) Love is not your mother tongue (you tried to love a man in a language you are yet to fully understand)

25) He said your past was a pill that was too hard to swallow, a memory that won't die, a ghost that won't go home to rest.

26) Love is just a word.

27) Our passion got lost in translation.

28) She got tired of breaking.

29) The same fire that wrought love also burnt love.
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30) Nana, we stopped dreaming.


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