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The Cartographer Of Memory
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5 Sabar


(For Syria)

1st Invocation

I have seen with my own eyes, the Sibyl hanging in a jar, and when the boys asked her 'what do you want?' she answered, 'I want to die'

— Petronius.

To wait is to die. Every teardrop is a sea in the eyes of God.

Every gunshot every blast every wail

tearing through the darkness is a missing tone

in the orchestra of grief.

Hades seeks home in bodies of children in rubble

in graves,

I have housed pain in my bones

But there is a little space for the peace mother offers beyond the veil

so, I will wait.

2nd Invocation To leave is to die. On the road, outside Aleppo

asphalt is painted

with the blood of lost boys and running women

the birds sing in silence,

for new songs don't grow in throats that have grown limp from praying.

Every sunrise is a miracle, every breath is a promise waiting to be broken,

to leave is to die on the sea (where the water

takes and takes what is left of hope)

hunger boring into intestines paralyzed by want

by fear

by exhaustion, I must wait.

3rd Invocation

To live is to die.

(My tongue wears these words well now).

I have sang it into every song every tune

it feels like

there is no other song left for me.

I die every time

I close my eyes to sleep I die every time

I walk these streets Yet,

five times every day

I must gather myself into prayers and pray

and pray and wait. @@


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