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Skill Customize Creator System
Author :NotAlpharius
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49 Setting Ou

"Guide before i forget we made some food out of you're catch here, your portion is here "

Marcus taking out of a backpack tossed a few skewers of meat

Caleb Grabbed them without issue and as they got close they wafted of a pungent gamey aroma, hearing his own tummy rumble he took and bite and before he knew it nothing was left

Caleb felt regretful and satisfied, Caleb looked up to Marcus having puppy dog eyes wanting more

"You'll have to get them from Reha , she cooked them "

Caleb wore a slightly confused face looked over to Reha who looked like she was daydreaming absentmindedly ' Well that's unexpected '

"Yeah from you face i can tell ,it was our first reaction as well , The Clan she comes from takes virtue's which would be considered delicate arts, cooking as such to take care of a curse they all bear, the rest she can tell you if she wants "

Caleb wore a face of genuine intrigue slightly considering why he didnt question why a fantasy barbarian amazoness acted like a jolly giant.


The group set out in the sun and delved into the darkness not much occurred except some birds scaring John as they fluttered away from Lelas disturbance as she traversed the tops of the trees with an elegence which Caleb began to appreciate,as they went deeper guided by Caleb with a line of misfits in toe .

Lela up in the trees suddenly shouted "6 wolves fast approaching ,Guide good job , seems the one we killed was just a straggler of pack "

The group suddenly heard rustling in the bushes as in the dark underbrush they could hear wolves encircling them and there panted breath echoing in the silence harried but the whistling winds of the forest.

Marcus bellowed "Guide get behind Reha , Reha protect him, Everyone formations,Lela Provide overwatch from up top "

quickly everyone shifted forming a diamond formation around Caleb

Iridescent light appeared on Ellies and globules of light encircled the group produced from her hands which lit the dark underbrush ,The light glinting off the sharpened knives, sword and axe wielded by the party and it glinted off red eyes in the underbrush

Barreling forward 4 wolves bounded out of the underbrush at each of the party

Wincing from the suddenness Ellie let out the coalesced energy primitively and white flames quickly engulfed the left side of a wolf, with a quick whimper it rushed forward.

"Get away " Ellie slammed her staff down causing a great crack in unison with the bashing of Marcuses shield on the charging wolf bashing it back and bringing the blade down a great gash formed on the wolf leaving it on the defensive ,A wolf equally defensive paced around Reha who met the wolf with a savage stare the wolf almost realising it met with another predator , from the underbrush another lunged forward mouth ajar but before it reached Reha a arrow plunged deep, its kin charging forward with false courage realising its folly at the last minute as its head was bisected letting out a spray of vitae coating Reha blade in crimson hefting the blade out of the mud it sunk in after cleaving the wolf in twain.

Caleb look around the cocophany of the battle the clash of blade on flesh ,the pant of predator and hunted ,looking around John was dancing around a wolf with ........another john,

'the fuck'

the wolf was covered in cuts and it lunged one of the two john's and it shimmered like a mirage and with a blood-curdling tear almost in unison john ad Marcus plunged there blades into the wolves who let out there last whimpering breath as there life spark was extinguished.

Ellie was next to a wolf with an arrow sticking out from it skull sunk deep

"Thanks Lela for that "

"Regroup ,Ellie get to healing"

A white blur rushed forward between the gap made from the heaving group straight towards Caleb

'Fuck ,Burst '

[On coold..

Crunch, Caleb's arm which wielded the dagger was caught in the toothy maw of the white wolf causing a wrenching pain suppressed by the sytem, with his left hand he frantically punched

Reha rushed in dropping the great axe both hands on each side of the gaping mouth and she pulled hard ,Caleb could feel the dagger-like fangs release from his flesh and blood gush out ,he looked towards Reha who exuded a savage aura , clamping down even harder she pulled the maw apart making the jaw break under her strength with each moment a crack after crack as the maw was unnatural vised apart until a blood curdling tear as the wolves body was torn asunder jaw torm free from its perch tossed aside ,She looked back towards the group with savage eyes,before she could react she could feel small arms around her bulk and the savagery flickered away like a faulty lightbulb, with uneasey tension Ellie continued to hug Reha, The savage presence she exuded suddenly weakened until it was left nothing more as an afterthought, through quivering lips Reha let out a few words

"Did ....i ....do .....bad "

"No you did good, you did you best protecting "

Reha slumped to the ground on her knees, Marcus looked over and nodded to himself

"Lets set up camp here, we need to rest "

'No one going to comment on how i just got a fucking bit'


Later in the night Caleb & Marcus set next to the campfire, the group sleeping

Caleb looked at his arm the flesh renitted under the magic of Ellie as he basked in the fire's heat

'Magic is continuing to amaze me '

"Don't agitate it too much, it needs to heal properly "

Caleb glanced from the fire towards Marcus

"I hope you don't see Reha any differently shes a good girl with pure intentions but she comes from a clan i mentioned at the church but i never really told you the full story "

Sighing Marcus looked into the fire absentmindedly showing a regret plainly plastered on his face.

"When they go for war, the people of her clan that is , they are savagely effective as you saw,those virtues we talked about create an anchor for them so that they do not fall too far into the natural call for war their body aches for,the curse all her kin suffer , our Reha does not like being in that state for her its a curse where her kin see it as a blessing from there ancestors giving them strength ,she doesn't like to feel that rage because she can hurt people close to her if she is not careful, I feel for her, she was cast out due to her forsaking the call of her rage in favour of pursuit of the virtues and now follows our little band and willing goes through that what she hates so that her friends don't get hurt, That's the sad curse of the barbarian clans our little band has come to know from our Reha and we will take that burden willingly and i hope you will not treat her differently "


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