Silver-Haired Devil
6 Ezio“s Legend
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Silver-Haired Devil
Author :Heisenberg
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6 Ezio“s Legend

"From now on, you'll work under captain Blake. He will fill you in. You're dismissed!" Ordered the marshall as he looked at the boy in front of him.

Getting out of the room, Enzo wore his usual poker face back.

As he walked out of the building, he kept thinking about the violent emotions that engulfed him when he accepted the marshall's offer. It felt as if his inner demon was about to take over. As if he wanted to burn the whole world to the ground and kill every single living being. He frowned as he thought to himself. " First I lose consciousness, then I wake up not remembering anything, then they tell me that everyone, including the barbarians, is dead. And now I can't control my emotions. What's happening to me?" He knew there was something weird going on but he couldn't put his fingers on it. Walking out of the building, he saw captain Blake yelling with a red face at another man who had a mocking smirk on his face.

"how can he keep that smirk with all the spit on his face?" thought Ezio to himself with a disgusted look.


"You? break my bones? don't make me laugh bloke. All you can do is break my boredom. get it, bloke? you're my only source of entertainment in this god damn place." answered Fred laughingly.

As Blake was about to roll up his sleeves and fight. He saw Enzo standing at the door with a disgusted expression on his face. Blake was confused at first before noticing all the spit that he managed to get on Fred's face. Smiling knowingly to himself, he went up to Enzo and asked.

"Did it go well boy? how was your meeting with the marshall"

"He offered me to join the military and I accepted. Now I'll work under some guy named Blake" replied Enzo.

"HAHAHA I can't you believe you're this lucky bloke, now this soft ladyboy will be working under you. Take care of her. Oops, I mean him." Laughed Fred as he held his stomach.

"Don't worry about that asshole, boy. He's always like that. Come with me I will show you around. What's your name by the way?" inquired Blake

"Enzo... Enzo Scipio Africanus" replied Ezio

Hearing the name, Fred stopped laughing and immediately demanded

"Kid what's your father's name?"

remembering his father, Enzo's eyes immediately turned watery again as he replied with a trembling voice: "Ezio Scipio Africanus".

A serious expression immediately took over Fred's face as he remembered his father's words when he asked him why does he want to recruit Ezio in his family.

"Ezio huh? ... That guy is a legend, he manipulates everybody, his schemes run deep. Sometimes you know he's scheming against you but you can't do anything about it but accepting the loss. Even the king doesn't want to offend him. but not just that, it is said that one time, in the great war, he accompanied his student, who was a general at that time, to advise him in the battle, however, he fell sick and Ezio had to lead the army. And then the unbelievable happened. with 4 thousand men, he defeated a grand army of 20 thousand men. And the more astonishing thing is that his losses were only in the hundreds. When everybody heard the news, they were dumbfounded. The king immediately ordered Ezio to join the military and become a general. He refused, however, saying that he wanted a peaceful life with his newlywed wife. Do you remember the book that you were taught at a young age "The Art of War"? Ezio wrote the book and gave it to the king as compensation. Ever since then, the king didn't try to bother him anymore since he knew he couldn't push him too much and had to respect his wishes. Only us the nobles, and the higher-ups know who the true author of that book is. If I kept speaking about Ezio's tales and schemes I'll have to write a whole book about it... Maybe I will someday who knows. Anyways in our circle, there's a saying, " Whoever wants to conquer the world, needs to conquer Ezio first" If you ever offend him, please don't tell him I'm your father"

looking at the silver-haired boy in front of him and seeing the resemblance, sweat started to pile up on Fred's forehead. However, a dark expression took over his face as he remembered that everyone, including Enzo's father, died in the village. He immediately picked up his steps and went to inform the marshall of this crucial news.

Enzo was still drowning in his memories and didn't discern anything. However, Blake noticed Fred's quick changes of expressions when he heard Ezio's name but he was confused as it didn't bring anything to mind. He was born from a commoner's family so naturally, he doesn't know about the internal politics of the capital. Shrugging it off as nothing important, He called Enzo over and started showing him around the headquarters.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Yelled the marshall as he looked at the trembling Fred in front of him.

"It's true sir! Ezio was killed in the village, and the kid that you saw earlier is his son," replied Fred with a trembling voice

"Impossible! that man is the trump card of our kingdom how can he die a dog's death! I will write a letter to the king immediately. Send someone over to bring it to the capital."

"Yes sir! but sir about the kid... Are you really giving him to Blake? why don't you give him to me I'll nurture him well." replied Fred in an appealing voice.

"SHOO SHOO OUT! do you think I'm stupid? You couldn't make Ezio loyal to your family and now you want his son? You better halt any thoughts of recruitment you have or else I'll have to pay a visit to your family and have a civil, polite discussion with your father" said the marshall with a scary smile on his face.

Noticing the marshall's expression Fred immediately ran away and cursed his luck. "I Have to inform my family and the first prince of this news. If i can't make him loyal to us, at least I'll get some credit for informing them about this. The marshall can't obstruct the first prince anyways. "

Staring at the scared back of Fred. The marshall couldn't help but muse to himself. " And I was wondering where all that smarts came from. So he's the son of that man. After all, a lion can't give birth to a dog. It seems I made the right choice when I offered him to join the military. Now all I have to do is sharpen the rough gem and turn him into our new trump card. I'll see what the king thinks about this"

picking up a paper and the ink, he started writing

"Unto His Majesty, the King of Kelibia

Marshall Lucius Cornelius Sulla writes to you in deep sorrow to tell you about the deaths of our people, the destruction of our village, the death of Ezio and from what it seems, the emergence of another Ezio........


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