Silver-Haired Devil
4 Silver-Haired Devil
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Silver-Haired Devil
Author :Heisenberg
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4 Silver-Haired Devil

"W-Who are you ?" Said the masked man with a trembling voice as he retreated step by step.

"A dead man doesn't need to know" Replied Enzo with a smirk, an evil glint in his eyes as he inched closer and closer to the man and before he could even take his knife out, Enzo rushed at him with a speed that could be hardly captured by the naked eye and punched him in the gut with a force that made the man fall on his knees.

Holding his stomach and coughing loudly. He looked at the young boy in front of him with disbelief muttering " H-How is this possible...? I'm an intermediate warrior"

Hearing him, Enzo laughed saying " where I come from, you're only an ant"

The man had a look of confusion on his face as it was a well-known fact that intermediate warriors are respected people in the whole continent. They're usually the backbone of any army. Enzo looked at the man coldly before stealing his knife and thrusting it in his heart. The man tried to put some resistance but in front of overwhelming power, it was all useless.

"I need to finish this fast or else this body won't be able to handle the pressure anymore" Thought Enzo to himself.

Outside, the leader of the masked men, on his horse was watching as his men finally finished reaping the lives of everyone in the village. He watched as they burned down houses and stole any valuable thing they could find.

"Hey you!" he barked at his subordinate " Go bring scar back, tell him we need to leave our job here is finished"

kicking his horse, the masked man hurriedly tried to enter the house but before he could even open the door,*crack* sounds of bones being crushed rang out as he was flung away by a mighty kick that sent him flying.

A boy walked out leisurely with a smile on his face and a sword in his hand. Looking around, he can see men looking at him with stunned eyes through their masks.

Raindrops fell from the clouded sky as it washed off the blood splattered on their armors. The smell of blood and burned flesh lingered in the air.

Hundreds of bodies were laying on the muddied streets of the village.

Men, women, and children swimming in pools of blood, some of them without their heads. A terrified expression still on their pale faces. Seeing the disgusting scene in front of him, Enzo frowned and thought to himself "I hope the boy can get through this, I still have scores to settle. He must, however, become powerful first. I hope this event motivates him."

*swish* with a lightning speed three arrows came hurling down at him. The archers had smirks on their faces as they imagined the little arrogant boy in front of them being pierced through. After seeing what happened, however, they only had a dumbfounded look on their faces as Enzo, with a speed that rivaled the gods, cut the arrows with his sword and looked at them with his scarlet eyes.

The archers felt a chill run down their spines as they prepared the second round of arrows but before they could even do that. Enzo rushed at them and started cutting them like vegetables. They tried to regroup with their teammates but they weren't fast enough.

The leader, seeing his men getting killed, ordered his remaining subordinates to attack the boy with their formation, however, all he could see was a red blur sending his men to purgatory with every hit. With every shriek he heard, a man will fall out of his horse never to stand up again. Fresh berry-red blood squinted from their gaping wounds. Swords kept clinking and clashing under the sunless sky. However, no matter how many masked men died. The rest didn't retreat. As they knew the consequences if the Kelibian kingdom found out their identity. No matter what happens, they need to kill the boy and dispose of their comarade's bodies somewhere else. Even if they ran away now. They will be executed back at home anyways for their incompetence.

Enzo stopped for a moment and looked at the remaining men in front of him. All of them were looking at him apprehensively but they didn't run away which made him frown a little bit since his body is almost breaking apart from the pressure of his cultivation. Taking a deep breath, smelling the vile and pungent smell that he missed of the corpses around him. He looked coldly at the leader who was shouting orders and raising the men's morale and battle effectiveness. The temperature seemed to plummet as he took a bow and an arrow and jumped at the back of a horse.

The men, seeing what the devil was doing, gathered around the leader to protect him from death. Enzo had a mocking expression on his face as he looked at the useless resistance of the ants in front of him. He launched a powerful arrow filled with bloodlust. As if it was sentient, the arrow whistled past the men and pierced through the eye of the leader, annihilating him instantly. After seeing their leader, the strongest of them, easily killed. The rest couldn't put a great resistance and fell to the scythe of the reaper, or in this case, the sword of the reaper.

As the sky cleared and the sun started to glow from the east. Smoke came out of the once peaceful village, now blazed to the ground. Crows were cawing happily as they ate pieces of flesh from the dead bodies laying around. A bunch of soldiers were running around trying to count the casualties and check if there's anyone alive. However, no matter how many times they looked and checked. The only person alive was a silver-haired teen unconscious, in the middle of the dead bodies of masked men. With blood covering him from head to toe and unnoticeable to the soldiers. Extreme internal injuries that were healing at godly speeds, thanks to the help of a certain someone.


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