Silver-Haired Devil
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Silver-Haired Devil
Author :Heisenberg
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1 Confusion

As the sun shined on the great plains of Kelibia. A small military camp can be seen. A grim atmosphere and the smell of fear can be felt. A number of soldiers can be seen surrounding a tent. If you look closely you can see beads of sweat running down on their face. If you listen closely You can hear them murmuring to each other

"The decade of peace is over!"

"No... maybe this was a mistake. I'm sure the king will find a way to fix this"

"Fix what?! Hundreds of people are dead there are no other solutions but war"

"But are we really going to wage war after a decade of order and non-aggression?"

"If we could we wouldn't but... Don't you remember what we saw in the village? How can the king forgive that?"

The soldier's skin paled immediately after remembering the scene. He almost threw up but when he saw who's coming he toughened up himself stood straight and yelled

"Good day Sir!"

The man coming nodded to the soldier and went inside the tent. Inside a boy was laying on the bed unconscious. He had a perfectly symmetrical face, a soft silver hair running down on his face and pink lips.

"How is he ?" asked the man.

"Well how should I say this..." replied the doctor " He's perfectly fine, I couldn't find anything wrong with him. In fact, he should be awake by now but he's clearly still unconscious and the weird thing when I look into his eyes, a red color flashes weakly sometimes. It's giving me the creeps."

"Unfortunately he's the only witness to what happened in the village. " said the man " he better wakes up or else you'll be put in front of the marshall. And you know then what will happen to you..."

Thinking of the marshall the doctor shivers and murmurs " I'll try my best. I'll try my best..."

Suddenly, a scream rings out the boy opens his eyes and starts trembling very hard. He wails as a teardrop runs down on his face. Surprised, the doctor hurriedly yelled, " Bring me the sedative!" after injecting it,the boy calmed down a little bit and went back to sleep.

"It's the trauma" sighed the doctor "I guess what he's seen was so painful and disturbing that he lost consciousness. I gave him a strong dose of sedative so he'll wake up again in 24 hours. You can come back by that time" the man look at the doctor and nodded saying " great! 24 hours is exactly the time we need to get to the main military base, we need to deliver him to the marshal and let him deal with it."

The next day, As the soldiers were walking orderly, they were greeted by the sight of tall walls and a big gate. As they inched closer and closer, they heard a yell " Stop right there and identify yourselves!"

A man walked out " I'm captain Blake. Under the order of the marshall, we have finished the investigation of the incident and need to report back to him urgently." Recognizing the voice, the guard opened the gate and let them in. Entering the city you can see teenagers here and there some doing push-ups and jogging, while others are training with weapons like swords, bows, and spears. Military instructors shouting like there was no tomorrow and pushings the recruits to break their limits. whenever someone slacked off they'll berate him in front of everyone or induce physical punishment upon him. Blake had a smile on his face as he watched his brothers teach these kids discipline and how to be a soldier. He rode his horse to the center of the city with the silver-haired kid riding with him. The kid looked at the teenagers who were at his age with dull eyes and a poker face as if he couldn't even be bothered to show some emotions others would have if they saw the training camp.

Blake, with an annoyed expression, stopped because a man was blocking his way.

"So after the marshall sent you on an important mission, you come back with a kid? What a captain you are" said the man.

"Just mind your own business Fred, nobody asked for your opinion, now get out of the way the marshall is waiting for me. Or do you want me to tell him that you caused my late arrival?" replied Blake.

Hearing the threat, Fred moved to the side with a smirk on his face. Satisfied that he ruined blake's mood. Just seeing that annoyed look on his rival's face makes him joyful. Trying not to waste time, Blake speeds up until he sees a white building in front of him. High-ranking officers going in and out. Going in with the silver-haired boy, Blake starts feeling the prestige of the owner of the building, even though it was full of high-ranking people. All of them were talking with low voices and trying their best not to make noise. Arriving in front of the marshall's office, before he can even knock on the door, he hears a deep voice coming from the inside

"Come in" Blake already started to sweat from the pressure coming from inside the room.

"Stay here boy," He said and went inside. looking around him, the boy notices that almost everybody is secretly giving him a look or two. And he knew it wasn't because of his weird hair. He caught some whispers saying "He's the only survivor"

"How can all of them die?"

" Why isn't he dead?"

As he was trying his best not to remember what happened, the door opens and blake comes out with a contemplating expression. "Go in," he said. "The marshall wants to talk to you," Shaken out of his reveries, the boy pushes the door and goes in. And for the first time since he woke up an expression of surprise and nervousness takes over him. His instinct is telling him that this man is the most dangerous man that he's ever met. Even more dangerous than the people of that night.

"Relax little man, take a seat and tell me exactly what happened to your village"

the boy's eyes dulled again as he sat down, he opened his mouth and started speaking with a soft voice:

" it all started when ...."


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