My revenge turns to love
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My revenge turns to love
Author :Jsu17
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Taira took shower and cleans her clothes and went to Xiao place to fight with him.

She was more determined fo her justice. As Taira walked vigorously suddenly Elina appeared near xiao's room. Taira asked her, "What makes you visit Xiao, Is it you want him to become a drunkard again?".
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Elina gave a devilish laugh and said, "you poor little girl, Xiao belongs to me he has been by my side for many years, So stop messing up with me and you may continue to do your maid work"

Taira clutched her teeth firmly and shouted," he went unconscious just because of you miss.elina.please let him leave alone".

Elina slapped taira's face and asked, "How dare you raise your voice at me, after all, you are just a homemaker and your so-called deary father sold you to xiao. How shame of him, such a slut like you dare to speak to me".

The tears started dripping in her face slowly and she ran to her room. She looked pale and her eyes reddish and puffy that she cried so long.

She hugged the pillow and start blaming herself that why has god made her such a miserable life, Why she has to burden all the sufferings, Why everyone around her never shows love to her.

Meanwhile,Elina and Xiao were spending some time chatting about the old stories about past experiences when they were in high school and university.

Elina thought of getting closer to Xiao and tempted him. But Xiao was in his right control and told Elina that he is still has a limit with her. He told not to take advantage of him.

Xiao asked Elina to leave the place though he had to take care of some personal formalities in his company.

Right there his brain struck wondering what happen to taira.

He regretted mistreating her the afternoon. But Taira kept crying and fallen asleep without having her dinner too


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