Monster System *drop*
7 The Challenger
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Monster System *drop*
Author :Duskstar
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7 The Challenger

As I was making my way back to school at full speed, my thoughts were drifting between a plan to avoid Dyna for the rest of my life and figuring out how to control my shifting.

"Guess there's really only one person I could ask for help... even if I don't like it" I thought while parking in front of the school, just in time for the sound of the bell.

My first class for that day was Physical Education, so I ran towards the boys' locker room and changed clothes as quick as I could to make it in time.

"Blakesley, where is Blakesley?" shouted a 6'2 black muscular men in his early 40s, but the tiredness and stress made him look a bit older.

"Here coach, sorry for being late" I shouted across the gym.

"Glad to see you decided to join Mr. Blakesley, now everyone has to give me ten laps at full speed if someone is throttling or walking you'll give me 5 more each time and don't forget to thank him"

Immediately they all glanced at me with daggers, and while looking back at them, I found Shawn's glance specially threatening, as everyone passed by me running I waited to be the last of the row before start running. I started jogging calmly, or at least that's what it seemed to me, without making much of an effort I was passing student after student, quickly catching up to Shawn who was leading the rest of the students by a good margin.

Five seconds, just five seconds, that's the amount of time it took me to surpass everyone from the back to the second position, when you think about it is a lot of time when you consider my enhanced speed, then again I'm just chilling.

"Ooh, what do we have here? A new challenger for Shawn" The coach said before laughing with a deep sarcastic tone, "will the king keep his crown or the challenger will rise to the occasion?"

Shawn was clearly triggered by it, running even faster of course I wasn't even bothered by it, so I decided to play a little prank, matching my speed to his, running side by side I took the outer line, so he doesn't say I cheated or that I had an advantage, soon we reached five laps, we even had a lap more than the rest of the class, at this point Shawn's face begun showing signs of tiredness, but I have to admit that he has an enormous amount of willpower and stamina to keep my rhythm for so long, I guess he is the football team star for a reason.

By the eight lap I decided to end with the charade, put a bit more effort in my running leaving Shawn behind with a shocking expression I would lie if I say I didn't enjoy it, can you blame me? He punched my face on the first day and I just took his crown as the most athletic guy in the school, I would rather punch him back but little victories in the form of public humiliation work too, not as rewarding as the other one, but I'll take what I can, specially if I am not sure to be able to control my strength and avoid killing him or giving him a permanent injury.

"Amazing, what a shocking turn of events Shawn Waters defeated by the new guy in town, hold the press, take the pictures, give the men some flowers, because we have new champion" the coach starting mocking, he either has confidence that they won't fire him or just don't care "well son I don't know where you came from but if you want I'll make you part of the track team, or the football team, or any team to be honest"

"I'll think about it coach, never been a sports type of guy, but that may change in the near future" I said with a smug on my face, maybe I will, better take advantage of my situation, not everything is about killing goblins and being seduced by dryads or making sacrifices to a moon goddess.

The rest of the class was without incidents, Shawn kept to his side angry but harmless, while the other students chatted about the event that unfolded earlier.


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