Mobile legends bang bang Beyond Everything
5 Chapter 4- The celebration
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Mobile legends bang bang Beyond Everything
Author :Villar_Villar
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5 Chapter 4- The celebration

Bosco, the rich man in Eruditio rewarded the Eruditio guards, including Chou and Bruno. Bosco prepare a banquet and invites many visitors. Bosco have a large feast, they eat and drink. Chou take Leadra with him to participate in the celebration.


Bruno and Tiago enjoy dancing together with the other troops and with some girls with them.

"What are they doing?" Leandra asked.

"Uhhm.. They having a celebration." Chou answered.

"Celebration? For what?"

"Bosco, the rich man in the Eruditio is so grateful to us after we successfully capture Claude."


"You're part of this celebration, because of you, we capture him."

"Chou! Come on! Join us and have some fun.." Bruno called Chou then continue dancing.

"Come on Leandra, lets have some fun."


"Trust me, you'll enjoy the party"

Chou took Leandra with him. Everyone is enjoying the party with plenty of food and drinks.

"Come on Leandra! Lets dance." Tiago is dancing with the others.

Leandra just stand in the midst of the dancing crowd, but she enjoy watching them dance.

"Hi, I'm Juno.." A girl approached her.

"Ahh.. Hello."

Are you Chou's girlfriend?" the girl asked.


"Girlfriend, a lover."

"Lover?" Leandra's heart beats like a bass drum.

The girl then asked Chou about it.

"No, she's just a friend of mine."

Leandra looked down on the ground after hearing this.

"Hey Leandra, are you ok?" Tiago asked.

"ahmm.. Yes."

"Don't be shy, let's have some fun."

Tiago showing his extreme dance moves and everyone laughed at him except Leandra.

"Watch me!" Bruno then show his dance move and everyone clap their hands.

"Chou! Chou! Chou! Chou!" The crowd shouted.

"Chou! Chou! Chou! Chou!"  Bruno and Tiago do the same.

"Show us some dance move Chou!" Juno and the other girls said.

Chou looked at Leandra. "Ok, here you go.."

Chou show an acrobatic moves and an extreme dance moves. Everyone around enjoy watching them show their extreme dance moves.

After the party, Chou and Leandra got home. As Leandra lie on the bed and Chou in the mat, Leandra was so curious about the dance moves they do.

"What kind of dance is that Chou?" Leandra asked.

"It's called freestyle dancing." Chou replied.

"Freestyle dancing? What is freestyle dancing?"

"Freestyle dancing. You dance freely without any steps you follow but your own."


"Yes, Do you like it?" Chou asked.

"It's awesome but it's suitable only to you guys." Leandra replied.

"You can dance in your own version if you want."

"Ok let me try." Leandra get up in the bed then turn on the light.

"Watch me.."

Leandra dance in her own version, and what Leandra do make Chou amused in her, like he saw a godess came down from heavens.

"Is it good?" Leandra notice the reaction of Chou, "Chou? Are you ok?"

"ahmm.. Yes, It's cool."

"Thank you.. Do you like it?" Leandra asked.


Leandra smiled and her face blushed.

"Well, let's go to bed because tomorrow I have to rise early for training." Chou said.

"Okay.." Leandra turn off the light and go back to bed.

They wait for the drowsiness to come upon them.


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"I have a question I want to ask."

"What is it?" Chou asked.

"What if you felt and strange feelings?"

"What kind of feelings?" Chou asked.

"Feelings like you feel something special for someone.."

"I don't know, maybe it's falling inlove I think." Chou said.

"Have you experienced falling inlove?" Leandra asked.

"No, and I have no interest on that." Chou said.

Leandra stops and said, "Ok.. Goodnight."


"Have a sweet dreams." Leandra lurk and she looked far away.


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