Mobile legends bang bang Beyond Everything
3 Chapter 2- Chou and the mysterious maiden
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Mobile legends bang bang Beyond Everything
Author :Villar_Villar
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3 Chapter 2- Chou and the mysterious maiden

Tiago and Bruno together with some of their fellow Eruditio's guard having a chitchat.

"You look so handsome today Bruno."

"How about me girls? Am I not handsome today?" Tiago asked.

The girls simply laugh at him.

"For me man yes, look, you have a fancy hairdo." Bruno said.

They all laughed together after Bruno said that, their happiness covered the whole place.

"Hey, where's Chou?" one of  the girls asked.

"Yeah, where is he by the way?" Bruno asked.

"I don't know, but one thing I'm sure about. We will see him around. Not now but sooner or later." Tiago said.

Chou passed by together with Leandra, some of the citizens in Eruditio notice the maiden and looked at her.

"Wait.. Is that Chou?" Tiago asked.

"I think you're right, it's him." Bruno said.

"Yeah, and look he has a beautiful maiden with him."

"Who's that girl?" one of the girls asked.

"Wait here." Bruno step forward and approach them.

Leandra and Chou on the other hand, having some fruits and other stuffs they brought.

Bruno arrived and said, "Hey man! How are you?"

"Oh Bruno man!"

Bruno looked at the maiden. "Hey you never told us that you're already into someone?"

"No man, what you think is wrong." Chou said.

"Ok, who is she by the way? Can you introduce her to us?"

"She's Leandra, I found her outside while I have my training and rescued her from the theives."
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Chou tell Bruno everything.

"Ahhh.. Don't worry man, she'll be safe here." Bruno said.

"Leandra, This is Bruno, the leader of our troops.."

Leandra simply smile a little bit and then looked down on the ground.

"She's so shy, but don't worry, later she'll be comfortable with us." Chou said.

"Ok. Well, see you later Chou, Leandra."

"Ok man, see you later."

Bruno return to where Tiago and the other Eruditio guard is. Chou go home with the stuff they brought.

Chou placed the fruits on the table. Leandra took one and stare on it.

"Is anything wrong? If you want some just pick and eat, don't be shy." Chou prepare his Eruditio guard uniform.

Leandra keep staring on the fruit and she remember the time she eat the same fruit with her parents and the other kids in their tribe.

"Leandra, I'll back later. I will report to duty this time.  Take care of the house." Chou put on his uniform.

"Ok.." Leandra replied in a soft voice.

Leandra looked away for a long period of time, then she looked at Chou preparing himself for duty. She looked on the ground, Her face filled with sorrow and grief, Chou never noticed it.


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