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Mobile legends bang bang Beyond Everything
Author :Villar_Villar
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1 Prologue

An old man tells the kids a legend. Chou is around, he heard about the legend many times and a question came up to his mind, "Who's that lunox?" and wonder about the maiden who was a part of a tale told by the elders.

A ball lands on his head, he got pissed off. "Who's ball is this?"

"Oh, sorry Chou.." Bruno said.

"Alright!" Chou picked the ball and thow back to bruno.

"Thanks man." Bruno said. "Alright kids here we go again. Chou come and join us!"

"No thanks man! I'm ok."

"Ok! It's up to you." Bruno continue playing with the kids.

Chou sigh and looked away, resume to his sulking and think again about it.

"Hey Chou! How are you?" An old man asked.

"I'm fine." Chou answered.

"Looks like something bothered you, are you alright?"

Chou was so quiet at a minute. "I wonder about the legend I used to hear many times."

"The legend about lunox?" The old man asked.

Chou sigh. "Yeah, I wonder if she really exists."

"Even me, I used to hear this legend since I'm young. But I only take this as a tale told to the kids by elders."

"Maybe you're right."

The legend left Chou wondering. Chou walk around to have some fresh air and enjoying the view.

"Hi Chou!"

"Hey Chou!"

"You look so handsome today Chou!"

Many beautiful maiden was so attracted to him, everytime they meet him on the way they always say "Hi" or "Hello" to him.

"Hey man! Looks like you're so lonely today." One of his collague walk with him.

"Hi Chou!"

"Hello girls" His collague said, "Wow.. Look at that man, many girls are so attracted to you, but why? You don't even respond to them."

"Uhhmm.. I have no time for that matter man." Chou replied.
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"If I were you, I will be the luckiest man in all Eruditio, not just that, I'll pick them all." he laughed.

"Just as before, you always think about girls Tiago."

"Of course man, I wish that I must find my other half and started a family." Tiago said. "How about you? Didn't you want to find your the one? Seems like your so fucos on your kung fu."

"That's not in my mind for now, I still never found the one that makes my heart beat." Chou replied.

"Even one of the girls who admire you?"

"Yes. Not even one of them."

Chou have a lot of friends, many admired him because of his skills and determination but still Chou feels emptiness in him, and seems like there's something makes him feel incomplete.


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