Marriage of Benefits
157 Surrogate 9
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Marriage of Benefits
Author :Harsimran1996
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157 Surrogate 9

James entered his room where Daisy was already present with a disappointed look on his face. Daisy looked at his face and burst into tears \"So you think I was wrong to slap Rachel too.\"

James looked at her and he knew that he had to be stern now so he spoke in a tone to make her feel that she was wrong \"Are you even listening to yourself right now do you really think she would do that to you when her mother offered to be a surrogate mother for our child, she has always considered you as her very close person, she even told you things she didn't tell her mother and you want to convince me that she was wrong. I have always stood up for you but this time I refuse to believe that you are right and since when did you stop thinking with your mind.\" He then told her what Rachel was going to say and then quietly went to his side of the bed to sleep without facing Daisy, he could feel her cry behind his back but he had to be strong and not give melt guess to her tears. He loved her niece so much that he could do anything for her but this time it was his wife who had messed up so he had to be patient.

After some crying Daisy realised that she was wrong so she had to apologize but before that she wanted to talk to James who wanted her to take responsibility for her mistake so he pretended to sleep when Daisy called her name. She got up and went to the lobby and sat on the couch thinking that she should let Jamie be her surrogate but then she had a worried look on her face, if she will forgive her or even talk to her so instead of thinking she called Jamie then Charles and then Rachel but no one picked up she thought that they didn't want to talk to her. At last when she saw the time, it was 12 in the morning and it was obvious that they would be asleep.

She had a lot going in her brain and she could not sleep so she decided to make something special for them to apologize and as she could not fall asleep she decided to work on it right away.

Jamie had woken up by the call but before she could pick up it was cut by Daisy and Charles's phone was on silent so the call was not heard. She decided not to call her again and wait for her to call back as she was really very exited to get back with her, she could not imagine her life without her best friend but at last she was disappointed by no call. She had no intentions to sleep but right now she was too tired by what they had been doing earlier that she went to sleep immediately. Charles had completely forgotten about Kevin and slept carefree with Jamie in his arms


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