Lightning Before Thunder
8 The Talk, Crossing Dimensions
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Lightning Before Thunder
Author :JakeWJElliott
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8 The Talk, Crossing Dimensions

Nothing, absolute silence was what filled the alley. Kara just stared at Axel, mouth agape with her eyes widened in shock, surprise and a hint of disappointment. Surprise and shock obviously at whom she was talking to and what he knew, yet disappointment at the fact it was someone who she was hoping to form some type of relationship with him.

"W-who... W-what?" She tries to speak, but keeps getting her tongue tied at the scenario she's in and the current paralysis she is facing from the shock.

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"I know you have many questions and i'll start with a few basics answers before I go." Ryder says ominously.

"I'm a speedster, faster than your friend, faster than most currently... I have learnt about the Kryptonian ways from my earth. I have come here to live a somewhat nice life and to settle down on this earth or the one where your friend is from, it all varies, but I will be going to different ones, one of which i'm sort of late getting too. *Cough* Anyways, I came here for a sole purpose and that is... I kinda l-like you" He finished the last part embarrassed and with that he speeds off leaving a still dazed Kara.

<Kara P.O.V>

'He knows about our ways? He's from a different Earth? He might settle down here? He-he likes me?' Her mind kept racing at her fastest speed scanning over what he said. He doesn't seem bad, he seems nice deep down. She kept thinking and thinking until she realized he had gone and pouted cutely until she finally remembered why she was at the coffee shop.


I sped off vibrating until I vanished in a blue light appearing instantaneously outside of a comic company.

Now you may think why he was here, it was because he yet again sold comics, but this wasn't of the MCU universe... No this was the DC universe. Why you might ask? Well because he was now in the MCU universe.YE


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