87 Temporary Separation 1
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Author :neha_
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87 Temporary Separation 1

Jun Ling coughed as he noticed the fearful expression on his sister's face. In fact, she seemed to be on the verge of tears. Jun Ling realised that he had gone overboard with his teasing, he let out a slight cough to hide his embarrassment as he motioned Jun Lan to sit.

Jun Lan jumped onto the bed without any decorum. She folded her legs as she sat, leaning her cheek against her palm, she stared at her brother keenly. Beneath her calm and enchanting eyes, there were turbulent waves of curiosity, doubts and awe.

"What is it? If you want to ask something, then this is the time." Jun Ling smiled at her.

"Who exactly is Mo Ren?"

Jun Lan was concerned about the mysterious Mo Ren, truth be told, she was concerned about her brother. Though Mo Ren spoke to her with a smile on his face, he made her feel uncomfortable and on the edge the whole time.

"An old ghost..." Jun Ling answered casually.

Contracted spirits living in cultivators body is a normal occurance, but any other spirits only degrade the body of their host. Jun Lan's face fell as she noticed her brother's carefree appearance.

"He will not harm me in any way. Don't worry, I will never put myself at disadvantage!"

Jun Ling answered firmly, and the confidence in his voice finally put Jun Lan at ease. Though she still had her doubts, she chose to give her brother the benefit of doubt.

"Brother, are fox spirit's eyes red?" Jun Lan answered cautiously.

"No, they are black, and Mo Ren is not a fox spirit." Jun Ling thought that his sister is still doubtful about Mo Ren; thus, he did not give the matter any further doubt.

He then saw the sleeping nine tailed fox beside Jun Lan. He had noticed the shiny black fur on the fox, but he did not have the chance to find out anything as his sister was not in a state to answer his doubts.

But, now he could no longer restrain himself.

"Did your tailed fox have black fur since the beginning?"

Jun Lan pondered for a moment and shook her head.

"No, he was as pure as morning mist when I first saw him. When he overtook my body, my nails turned black and my eyes into a deep red. It was only yesterday that I saw his fur turn into charred black..."

Jun Ling carefully listened to her and fell into a silence; after a deep contemplation, he sighed.

"I think that his fur changes colour according to his emotions; however, his emotions are directly affected by you. He is peaceful when you are safe, and if you are in danger, he tends to destroy everything in his path."

His emotions are affected by my well being?

Jun Lan felt suffocated as she stared at her unconscious Fluffy. She felt both useless and guilty at the same time. If not for her carelessness, Fluffy would not be suffering with her.

"Why did you cut off the mindlink?"

"I don't want to get him hurt..." Jun Lan replied softly, she was still immersed in self guilt.

"You failed miserably, little sister. Physical separation has no effect, he will feel the same pain you do." Jun Lan's face turned pale with each word he spoke. She never knew that contracted spirits could feel the same pain as their masters. She would have never acted out of impulse, if she had known...

"Don't chase revenge!"

Startled, Jun Lan stared at her brother. Her lips quivered, but no words came out.

"You don't have enough strength to go after revenge, and what use is revenge if you are going to end up battered and exhausted?"

Jun Lan lowered her head in shame. Her brother spoke rightly, what right did she have to chase after revenge?

She only troubled others. She realised in a hard way that sharp mind alone will get you no where.

With her current strength, it will only be a matter of time before she gets crushed by her enemies. She can outwit Wang Xiu, but she can never go against his supporters.

And, her goal had never been completely revenge from the start. She vowed to protect her family, but she has unknowingly involved her brother in her troubles and Fluffy got hurt because of her.

Jun Lan clenched her fists as she vowed to grow strong, strong enough to defend her family.

"I understand brother, I won't disappoint you."

Jun Lan spoke with determination. She need not explain much to her brother, he will always understand her unspoken promises. Afterall, both of them had been through life and death.

They died once and what's there to fear anything after going through death?!

"Aye, don't be so serious!" Jun Ling tsked as he ruffled her hair. "It's enough that you understand your mistakes. Learn from them, don't blame yourself. Push your limits and work hard..."

Jun Lan sniffled as she heard her brother nag. She felt cherished and sweet. She allowed him to play with her hair while she stayed put as she continued to engrave his words onto her heart.

"Out of all, there are two important things..." Jun Ling paused, seeing that he had her attention, he continued "Keep smiling..."

"Pfft..." Jun Lan could not help but laugh at his efforts to make her feel better. With a brother like him, she was sure that she would never be sad and alone.

"What's the second most important thing?" Jun Lan asked, smiling.

"It's for another time." Jun Ling grinned at her.

Jun Lan narrowed her eyes at his suspicious behaviour, but she did not question further.

"Will Fluffy be alright?" Jun Lan started to wring her hands out of nervousness. She did not forget about her companion who did not hesitate to risk his life for her.

"He will wake up soon." Jun Ling assured her.

Jun Lan nodded in relief.

"Brother, I heard that father and mother are coming back to the clan house in two days. I will leave for master's place after meeting them."

Jun Lan was excited to meet her parents. It had been a long time since she last saw them.

"No need to meet them! You are leaving for your master's place as soon as the tailed fox wakes up."

Jun Ling's words diffused her hopes instantly. She suddenly felt wronged, she did not hesitate to glare at her brother.

"You dare to go against my words?" Jun Ling smiled gently.

"N-no! I will listen to you..." Jun Lan immediately turned into an obedient cat.

"Good girl!" Jun Ling praised her, without a doubt he was completely pleased by her response.

Such a bully! Jun Lan cried silent tears in her heart.


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