It’s Not All Roses
2 Just Words
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It’s Not All Roses
Author :MarnieeD
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2 Just Words

I clutched the coffee cup in my hands and didn't flinch when the hot liquid within scolded my palms. The pain distracted me from the poisonous thoughts that stung my mind.

How could I have been so stupid? The sweet words he had spouted to me, all the loving gestures, the hugs and the kisses that sent the butterflies in my stomach soaring, meant nothing in the face of his parents disdain.

Some unfounding rumours start up about me, and enter the ears of everyone around me, and they abandon me without a second thought. My now ex-husband-to-be had known me better than anyone - better than I even knew myself - and he had easily complied with his parents wishes, and stopped the wedding. Severing all ties we had had with one another.

Why couldn't he have stood up for me? Why couldn't he have challenged his parents, and believed in me as his fiancée?

In the end, it had all come down to nothing. I wasn't even sure my idol career would continue, what with even my manager giving up on me and my company doing nothing to clear things up. I was on my own, for the first time in my life.

"Isn't that her?" A hushed voice entered my ears, and they pricked up at the sound. I had been stupid to think that a mask and glasses would be enough to hide my identity.

"Yeah, that's definitely her." Another mocking voice appeared. "How could she show her face in public after what she's done. The homewrecker. How shameless."

"If I were her, I would lock myself away and never go outside again."

"The once starlet has sunk so low."

"Crazy bitch. I hate her."

"Shut up!" An angry shout shut the gossips up and I couldn't help but to turn my head.

The two girls who had been shooting biting words in my direction, now looked as though they had swallowed their tongues. They trembled at the guy's menacing aura. He strolled past them and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me to my feet a second later. He pushed past the now gathering crowd, and brought me outside.

The chill in the air made me shiver, and my confused eyes locked with his own concerned ones. Why had he come? Had he found out what had happened with Hyo?

"Don't listen to what others have to say." His once scornful tone had changed to a soothing one as he looked down at me, "they're nothing but words and mean nothing."

Maybe I had been wrong. I wasn't alone, and gratefulness flooded my chest as I stood in the presence of my friend, Johnny. Out of everyone, he was the only one I could trust and count on.

I would get through this, and rumours were just rumours, and they were nothing when you ignored them. It would all soon pass, and then I could get on with my life.


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