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In Different World with Anime System
Author :QinPoop
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10 Encounter

The guards from the Han family were clearly at disadvantage. They were outnumbered and unprepared in this fight. The old man was fighting against the leader of the bandit group and he already receive several injuries. If this goes on, they will be surely wiped out.

"Men protect the carriage! Don't let this bastards get near!" after shouting, the old man jumped back in retreat with the remaining guards and surrounded the carriage.

"I will open a path and you take the young lady and run towards those people. If they don't want to help, then we will implicate them here" the old man whispered to one of the guards. The situation is really grave, if he didn't think of anything they will be buried here and their young lady will definitely fall in the hands of these bandits.

"Fvcking bastards I will take you all with me!" when the guard nodded in agreement. The old man made up his mind to sacrifice his life to save their young lady. His qi suddenly erupted and he charged directly at the bandit leader who was surprised by the sudden attack.

Taking the time where the bandits were still in shock, the guard immediately opens the carriage and carried a young girl out and run towards the other carriage. The young girl was clearly shaken on what was happening as her eyes were red and there were tear stains on her beautiful face.

"D..don't leave uncle! wu..wu..wu.. We need to save uncle! Quickly put me down!" they young girl was crying and shouting as she saw her uncle fighting against the bandit leader. The remaining guards were already at deaths door as they one by one fall down the ground and stopped moving.

"Bastards! They are trying to run! Quickly catch them and bring that little girl for these daddy to have a taste!" the bandit leader roared as he ordered his men to capture the two. His eyes revealed a vicious glint and said to the old man in front of him, "You old bones, I will let you watch as I ravaged that little girl in front of you. You thought that by running towards those people they will be safe. Hmmp! Let me tell you theses, those people will also die along side you guys!"

While Fang Aoman and the two were watching the fight, they noticed that a person was running towards them while carrying a young girl in his arms. When Fang Aoman saw this scene, he instantly frowned. He knew to himself that he was no hero, he only cared for his family and those people important to him. If somebody he knew was in need of help and that person was close to him, he will not hesitate to help. But if it is someone he didn't know, he will just watch.

The moment he saw they were running towards their direction, he knew that trouble came itself. Behind the two were six person wearing the same red clothes chasing right behind them. The six were all releasing a murderous aura as they hold their blood soaked weapons.

"Please help the young lady!" the guard who was carrying the young lady shouted loudly. There were wounds all over his body.

"You guys if you decided to help these two, you will make an enemy of our Burning Ash bandit group. You three will be killed here!" one of the chasing men shouted when he heard the two call for help.

The thug like manager Sun furrowed his brows and said, "Young master what do you think we should do" Manager Sun clearly didn't like being threatened. Much more the one who just threatened them was someone who was realms below him.

Fang Aoman watch the running figure as it nears them and decided, "Help them and kill the six who were chasing after them" He stared coldly at the guard who was carrying the young girl, then move his eyes towards the old man who was fighting the bandit leader at the distance and thought, 'You old man wants to implicate us in this mess, lets see what I should do to this two'


Manager Sun's huge body suddenly shot forward like an arrow. A small crater appeared in place where he was before.

The guard noticed that the other group made a move instantly rejoice inside his mind. While the other six who were chasing after him simultaneously felt their bodies turned cold. The six of them were already at the peak stage of Qi condensation. It may be low for the other people, but for them as a member of a bandit group it is already high level. But the man who just shot out like an arrow make them feels that they were just a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

In between the guard and the six bandits, manager Sun appeared. He was staring at the six bandits like they were children and there was a mocking smile on his mouth. The six bandit stopped their tracks and stare at the new comer. All of them tried to see his cultivation realm but they failed to see it. There is only two thing for others to not see another ones cultivation realm. One was the person in target doesn't have any Qi in their body and they were just ordinary mortal. While the other one was that, the distance between their realms is huge that they don't have the power to see it.

Base from what the six bandits just witnessed, it must be the latter. The distance in their realms were just too huge. From this moment they knew, they fvcked up.

"Didn't expect that I will meet your bandit group here again. This is the second time you guys appear in front of these manager" Manager Sun said icily towards the six bandits.

The six bandits were slightly surprised when they hear that this is the second time they meet. But they clearly didn't know him, and even if they know they wouldn't dare to appear in front of them especially with their high cultivation. They would be courting death if they really do that.

Manager Sun seeing the question marks in their faces added, "Oh.. It seems you guys are not the member of the first Burning Ash bandit group. I guess you guys are the one who were left behind when my master personally killed your members, including your previous leader"

When the six bandits here what Manager Sun said, their faces turned ashen and fear crept all over their body. It was true that they were the member of the previous Burning Ash bandit group. But when they received the news that their leader was killed in the operations along side those who went with him they disbanded. But when the current leader talk to them on how he wanted to form the bandit group again, they immediately agreed.

"Y..you are a member of the Fang family?" one of the bandit said with broken voice. Cold sweat covered their whole body as they started shivering in fear. Even the slightest wind makes them shiver uncontrollably.

"I am a Manager in one of their business, and I also witness when my master personally cut your previous leaders head off. I must say your previous leader talks too much non sense" Manager Sun coldly laugh as he recount the scenes that happened that day.

"M..mercy" the six of them only let out a single word before all their heads flew up in the air. Their bloods came out like a broken fountain and dyed the ground red.


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