Imperia: Return of the Empire
25 The Princess Came!
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Imperia: Return of the Empire
Author :InkSavant
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25 The Princess Came!

The Princess of Stratos is believed by the people of the Empire. However the Princess is worrying about the Empire itself. While it in itself was an extremely powerful entity, it is also fragile. Its inner peace is divided into factions which belong to the Princes and the King.

She has the hearts of the common people and many of the common born nobles. It was because of her that the Empire has reached such a popularity amongst the monarchies of the Galaxy.

The question was, who was in the way of succession? Who was expendable? Who could the make a martyr should they die on a diplomatic mission to the planet of Veskar?

Unanimously by the charge of the Emperor and his Seven Princes, they sent the youngest beloved Princess out on a mission. She was to make contact with this Vycter who announced his presence on the planet of Veskar. They were to form a bond with the Rebels. Failure was not an option, yet she knew the truth.

This was just fuel for a war should she die.

She was surrounded at all sides by her enemies, which were her family and their servants. She couldn't escape this fate and made the best of it.

She did all her favorite things every morning for ten days as that is chose to do before she would possibly die. During this whole time she wondered what kind of person this man was. She knew of the Vycter who had lived as a noble who was whimsical and sexually vulgar. He did anything he wanted, and yet this time he shows himself as a different entity.

While many parts of his demeanor remained, there were little patterns which held him apart from the original Vycter, especially when it came to the psychological evaluation.

This man had a high ability when it came to convincing the masses, he could create riots any and everywhere. What was his ambitions? His motivation for all of this? From what she could see, he had no problem sending people to their deaths as long as he didn't know them personally.

On the other hand the original would just strangle a puppy for fun, even if it had been his 'best friend' for more than a year. This man was different, sentimental. Was it sentiment which drove him? When he brought up the name of his faction though, it made her speechless.

Many saw it as a fledgling rebellion claiming to be a Nation, with a name taken from the past in order to gain recognition. This rebellion was aiming for the stars, she knew this just by the implication of the name.

Even if he were to succeed in overthrowing Veskar's Noble Democratic government and start the Empire he was claiming to be the leader of, Stratos wouldn't be safe from his reach.

Two months had gone by and the stealth cruiser known as the Xuetre came out of slipstream above the planet of Veskar. Its hull was completely cloaked by its highly classified instruments, keeping it away from being seen by both the naked eye as well as conventional scans.

On board was the Princess of the Empire, Caera Alaxe Rebex Raelyn Eriska Stratos was present. The ship was making for the atmosphere and was quickly moving through the dense cloud formation above the mountain scape near the location of their operative's disappearance.

With their unhindered movement, the cruiser was able to make it to the location within minutes of breaking through the atmosphere and made a speedy landing within a couple klicks of the mountain.

The outer hull was completely visible to the naked eye. The only way to find it was generally to walk right into it or notice the distortion of light within a meter of its hull. Literally meant that the enemy would have to be looking for them in order to find them, and not by normal means.

They could drop bombs, but bombing a forest without knowing if they'd hit anything was a waste of money and perfectly good explosive ordinates.

Once landed, the staff on board began to check over the inventory which they had brought with them. It was a combination of relief supplies as well as the essential weapons and funds for a revolution to take place.

Princess Caera stood there in the middle of the room, surrounded by all of the objects which had been stuffed into containers. She was really arming a force of unknown fighters against their most daring enemy.

Even though Caera knew that these weapons would one day be pointed towards her own people, this was a goal in the moment which she needed to complete and return home.

"Are you read, your highness?" One of the officers on board asked as he walked up beside her with a inventory list on his handheld display.

"Yes…" Her voice was soft, it sounded somewhat reluctant to step outside. She had no idea who the person was outside of this ship. He could shoot her and have his men raid the ship. Worse, she could find herself in his personal sex dungeon. She personally preferred getting shot to death than being tied up in a dungeon to be used as a toy.

She shivered at the thought before glancing over towards the officer as he nodded to her as he proceeded to open the airlock door to the cargo hold. Directly outside the door several uniformed individuals were hidden amongst the tree lines. They were clearly armed with strange looking weapons all gave a light hum.

How did they notice where they had landed? Well, the Emperor had sent ahead a message indicating where they were to be landed. She was a sacrificial lamb, and she had no idea that her father planned for her to be taken. Not that it was going to go by his plan anyways. It was just a bid.

"Welcome Princess," a familiar voice sounded. It reminded her of the audio file attached to Vycter's psyche evaluation as well as the interesting show of his power over the masses when he revealed his faction to the galaxy. "This former servant greets, your highness."

Her gaze locked upon the shape of a man which became visible within ten meters of herself. The man was using a personal cloaking field to remain hidden. The last thing he needed was to be assassinated by an onlooker. Let alone, being mistaken for an enemy.

"It's a pleasure to be here," Caera lied as she stared down at him, as she lied, for a few moments before letting out a sigh. She had mid-night black hair which faded into a bright electric blue. Her hair was at neck length, tucked braided her ear on one side.

Vycter pursed his lips slightly as he gestured for her to follow him towards the Mountain. "Shall we begin the talks…?" He'd ask, it wasn't clear where he was leading her, but the men behind her were unloading the inventory and were following with hover carts full of the promised goods.


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