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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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20 Dungeon Part 6

Approaching the last floor the temperature began to drop slowly the further down the party descended. "Fuck, why is it so could on this floor? " Nira said shivering and rubbing her hands together.

"Shadow go ahead of us and scout the floor out some, since it is so cold on this floor we may have an advantage having two fire mages. " Alice asked giving Shadow a pat on the head as he ran off.

"We should stay behind a little till your magic beast returns with a report, " Nikita said standing closer to Derrick who conjured up a fire in his hands.

After a few moments of the group standing around the fires Alice and Derrick made to stay warm Shadow returns with a slight limp. 'The Kobalds on this floor only travel in groups of three but they have blue and red stripes. They also seem to be quite a bit smarter as they sneaked up to attack me while i was trying to scout further into the floor to get a look at the Boss, ' Shadow conveyed his report to Alice.

Letting the others know of his findings the party decided it was best for Alice to rejoin Nikita as a damage dealer. With everyone on the same page Seth led the party out into the floor. The floor consisted of a dark cloudy sky lightly light by a single red moon that gave the the forest in front of them a eerie feel to it.

Quietly making their way through the forest keeping an eye out for any mobs trying to sneak up on them the group encountered the first mob. The kobalds had white fur, blue and red stripes, and carried axes. Just as shadow said the first mob only consisted of three kobalds which gave the party a slight amount of relief.

Rushing forward and using both 'shout' and 'shield bash' Seth gained aggro and stunned all three of the kobald's as Nikita and Alice sprinted forward striking the kobalds with efficiency landing critical hits while they were stunned leaving just one to take care of.

Making very short work of the mob Seth couldn't help but feel relieved as the less stress puts on his equipment right now the better chance they will stand against the Boss later on. "Good job everyone lets keep this up so we can fight the Boss without damaging my already damaged equipment. " Seth said moving deeper into the forest.

Slaying mob after mob the group took a moment to rest again as battling in this climate was taking its toll on them. "I think I am going to use my Shadow skills to get a better look at the Boss," Alice said running off without giving them time to protest.

'Shadow stay with them and let me know if anything happens that requires me to return, ' Alice said to shadow leaping from treetop to treetop making her way to the end of the forest. 'Understood, ' Shadow said giving a simple reply.

Reaching the edge of the forest without much effort Alice was able to see the Boss.

| Kobald Queen level 15 BOSS |

HP 32,000/32,000

MP 17,000/17,000

Skill - Blizzard

The Queen had a crown of horns much like the king while she stood a little shorter and had Snow white fur and no stripes causing her to almost blend in with the background if not for the fact that she wielded a large club and sat on a throne. 'She might be a pain in the ass for Seth to tank and the rest of us to fight with her skill and weapon, ' Alice thought to herself heading back to join the party again.


Letting everyone know of her findings on the boss they still set their sights on defeating her and finishing the dungeon. "Well only thing left to do is keep moving forward, so lets get going, " Seth said once again leading the party forward.

Fighting against mob after mob the party struggles a little bit as the temperature drops even more the closer they get to the Queen until they reach the edge of the forest and see her sitting on her throne. Watching as the Queen slowly stands up giving the group a glaze showing she is ready for battle they waste no time in rushing towards the Queen. Before Seth can even use his skills the queen swings her club slamming it into Seth's shield.


Seth slides back a few feet taking her blow, taking the opportunity Seth recovers and runs forward using 'shout' causing the Queen to face Seth once again abandoning her attempt to attack Nikita who was preparing for the worst.

Alice let lose a fury of attacks trying to take as much of the Queens HP as possible took a second to peek the Queens HP causing her to curse under her breath seeing that the queen has only lost 1,000 HP.

"Shadow Zone" Alice said activating her skill causing the queen to move only slightly slower. Nira was continuously using 'heal' on Seth to keep him in the batlle which earned his eternal thanks as the Queen hit hard taking 18% of his HP with every strike.

Derrick tried his hardest to assist in the battle throwing fireball after fireball at the Queen which didn't do much other then annoy her. Lucky for Derrick the Queen was drawn towards Seth as he kept using his 'shout' every time she looked away.

Growing increasingly annoyed with the puny humans that could only take a few hundred HP off her every 30 seconds, decided to unleash her skill.


The Queen shouted as the wind and snow started picking up drastically, "She used her skill be careful. " Alice shouted trying to attack the Queen as best she could in the blizzard forming around them.

Taking a hit to the ribs while trying to shield his eyes from the freezing wind Seth spat out blood as he is sent flying into the forest. Abandoning her station as everyone's healer, Nira ran off into the forest after Seth to make sure he was not dead.

Happy to be free of Seth's skill the Queen poured more of her mana into the blizzard causing it to swirl in a frenzy. Nikita not wanting to be hit by the snow and wind that felt like daggers piercing her skin ran off after Nira.

No longer able to see anyone in the party due to the Blizzard, Alice put her Sliver sword away and took out her Scythe. "If you want to play like this then allow this Angel to play with you. " Alice said as she activated her Shadow Zone again. If she had to move slower so to should the Queen.

Spotting the Queen Alice spun her scythe and leaped into the air using the wind of the blizzard to carry her closer as she swung as hard as she can landing a hit as her blade sunk into the Queens back. Kicking herself off the boss Alice lands in the snow as her opponent rushes at her and swings its club hitting Alice in the leg as she tries to jump out of the way.


"Seth are you okay? " Nira said worriedly as she placed her hands on Seth healing him to the best of her ability. "Bare- Cough cough cough, " Seth tries to answer coughing up some blood into his hands. "Nikita, Derrick where is Alice? Is she okay? " Seth asked panicking at the idea she died from his incapability to properly tank the Boss.

"I thought she was following us, " Said Derrick with a worried look starting to show on his face as he thought of he solo fighting the Boss in the middle of the Blizzard.

"We need to hurry if she dies i don't think I will be able to live with myself, " Seth said standing weakly as he started walking back out of the forest trying to see through the blizzard.

"Seth stop i haven't fully healed you yet if you go out there right now Alice wont be the only one to die! " Nira shouted in anger with a tear in her eyes. "Not to be harsh but hurry up and finish I refuse to let anyone in this party die. " Seth said bluntly.

"So you would rather us all die than just one of us? I get it we had a lot of fun being with Alice, she is a great team member and is strong, but can you really be sure we can kill the Queen if we go back in there? Your shield is already falling apart and we can barely move in the Blizzard not to mention Derrick cant cast any of his magic in that. " Nikita said trying to talk reason with Seth as she bit her lip regretting that she couldn't go assist Alice and save her but rather suggested they leave her to die.

"Y-You're right but that doesn't change the fact I am going to help her.Stay here if you would like but i am going to help her the same way i would if it was any of you out there.


Using 'Rift Warp' Alice dodges all the Queens attacks in the nick of time landing a few blows her self here and there. "Fucking Queen, i am going to show you who the real Queen is here and fucking make you bow down to me. " Alice said in anger as she tried to plan out her movements in the middle of battle.

Rift Warping in front of the Queen, Alice pours half of her MP into her skill and uses 'Demonic Gaze' as she locks eyes with the Queen.

Looking into Alice's eyes the Queen stops in her tracks and the blizzard starts to die down a little giving Alice the chance she needs. Rushing forward using 'Rift Warp' Alice appears closer to the Queen in the blink of an eye swinging her scythe as hard as she can severing one of the Queens legs from her body just below the knee and dealing a massive chunk of her HP.

| Kobald Queen level 15 Boss (Weakened) |
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HP 8,000/32,000

MP 3,500/17,000

Skill - Blizzard

"Hoo looks like this battle wont go on much longer Miss Queen, it is about time you bow before me, " Alice said as she warped in front of the Queens other leg swinging her scythe again.

Jumping back and falling to the ground the Queen struggles to get up from dodging Alice's attack. "I am going to take your other leg as well unless you submit to me Miss Queen. I promise to make your death quick if you can do that, " Alice said as she used 'Demonic Gaze" again trying to intimidate the Boss in its weakened state.

Walking with a limp to the boss Alice is surprised to see that the Queen seemed to understand her taunts and started to prostrate before Alice causing her to stop her movements wondering what the hell is going on. "Haha since i am an benevolent Queen i shall keep my word and give you a quick death. " Alice said with a sadistic smile having a Boss bow to her.

Just as Alice got close and raised her scythe the Queen punched Alice hard in the stomach causing Alice to fly back rolling to a stop half buried in the snow leaving Alice with only 65 HP left. "You dare hit me you filthy overgrown dog, " Alice said weakly trying to get up.

Standing back up facing the now standing Queen, Alice uses her Rift warp skill to appear next to the queen sinking the blade into the queens shoulder and retreating away having no MP or HP left to fight. "If only i had more MP you would be long dead right now, " Alice said as she tried to flee into the forest to give her HP and MP time to regenerate with her passive.

"Alice you're alive?! " Seth said as he rushed to her helping her stand. "Where did you even get such a evil looking weapon? " Seth questioned as he looked at the small girl holding such a huge weapon. "Don't worry about that right now, where is Nira the queen is almost dead. " Alice asked looking around for Nira to heal her.

"Nira is taking some time to gather her mana back she drained herself bringing me back from deaths door. " Seth said not wanting to tell her they wanted to leave her for dead.

"Whatever, my MP has recovered enough to let me fight a little longer i just needed a small break, " Alice said as she limped back towards the Queen that was using her club to give chase to Alice. "Let me help you at the very lest, " Seth said running in front of her.


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