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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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19 Dungeon Part 5

Waking up in her tent still feeling a little sick Alice looks around to see Shadow laying down resting his head on her stomach. "You awake? " She asked petting him from his head to his tail.

"Yeah, it seems like you've recovered enough to regain consciousness, " Shadow replied letting out a low pur. "What happened I remember taking a drink and then next thing I knew I am waking up in my tent. " She asked curiously.

"You drained all of your mana for one attack, thankfully it wasn't in vain as you managed to kill the Boss. " Shadow said rolling over to face his master.

"Looks like I leveled up again from killing him I should feel better once I edit my status. " She said pulling up her status window.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen > Demi Angel

Title - Hunter

HP - 390/390 (415/415)

MP - 410/410 (435/435)

Level - 12

STR - 40 > 45+10

VIT - 40 > 50+5

INT - 60 > 70+5

DEX - 27(+10 +5)

DEF - 21 > 26 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 40 (+5 +10)

Skill points - 30 > 0

Skills; Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive)

"Yep there is nothing like the feeling of leveling up. I feel 100% now, what about everyone else?" Alice asked as she got up to exit the tent. "Alice! you're okay! " Nira and Derrick said in unison.

"Yeah I am fine now i just needed some rest after that attack. " Alice said brushing off their enthusiasm as she joined the party by the entrance to the tower. "We decided to wait for you to enter the tower to see what loot we can find, seeing how we owe this victory to you. " Said Seth as he handed her some dried meat. "Thank you, shall we go in? I can imagine Derrick is probably losing his mind waiting to see what loot he can get his hands on, " Alice said jokingly

On Que Derrick rushed to the door and swung it open, revealing a Black stone interior with a few doors and a metal spiral staircase leading up the tower. 'Shadow run up stairs ahead of us and see if you cant locate a chest I need it for a system quest, ' Alice asked Shadow using her telepathy so the others wouldn't hear. Without answering shadow sneakily made his way up the stairs searching for the chest.

Walking over to one of the doors Alice opens it and to her surprise sees the room has weapons much like the ones the Boss used. Storing 2 of the scimitars Alice called out to the rest to let them know of the weapons rooms as she continued her search of another room only to find nothing.

'Alice i found a chest, it is pretty big and had golden trim it might be what you're looking for, ' Shadow communicated with Alice. Hearing this Alice used her shadow movement spell to appear from a shadow located in the room Little Shadow was in.

| Kobold's Treasure Chest |

"Good job, " Alice said praising Shadow. Walking up to the chest Alice lifts the top open lifting a brow seeing a ornament that attaches to weapons. Weapon ornaments are usually pretty rare because they can give your weapon unique attributes. "This is some treasure for it to be in a low level dungeon, " Alice said reaching in and taking the item storing it for later.

| Weapon Ornament of the Kobald King |

| When attached to a weapon gives the a random attribute depending on the users specialty |

| Quest - Find the Kobold's Treasure Chest |

| Reward - Level up, Random skill |

| Skill - Demonic Gaze ( A simple look using this skill can cause your enemy to be tempted to flee |

"Oh, that is pretty useful and i even managed to gain another level, " Alice said deciding to hold off on leveling until a little later as to not cause suspicion from the rest of the party.

Joining the rest of the group again Alice decide to try her new skill out on Derrick for fun, looking at Alice he suddenly feels i sense of danger coming from Alice as he steps back and shallows his spit trying not to scream. To Derrick what he saw when he met her eyes was a Demon who would eventually devour him. "A-Alice, are you by chance angry? " Derrick said with a slight stutter.

"Sorry no I learned a new skill with my level up and I decided to try it out on you to see how effective it was, " Alice said apologizing.

"Well don't use skills on team mates unless its a buff Alice he is clearly scared of you now, " Seth said slightly annoyed she would go that far for a joke. "In any case we should head down to the fourth floor we all managed to level up again and we are making good progress. " He said leading the way as the rest of the party followed.


Entering the new floor Alice was happy to see it resembled the 1st floor having a clear night sky full of stars and two huge moons. She found this scenery perfect and calming and the temperature was just right making her feel like she could go on fighting endlessly without breaking a sweat.

"Shadow go look around and tell me what kind of Kobalds are around, it'll be good to know before hand. " Alice instructed Shadow as she walked over to Derrick slightly bowing, "I really am sorry i had no idea what would happen with my skill, i just knew it wouldn't hurt you."

"Its fine honestly speaking I was so scared I wanted to run away but thinking back on you it also gave you a glow of untouchable beauty so i wouldn't mind seeing the skill again, who knows maybe ill gain some tolerance to those kinds of skill. " Derrick said making a joke.

"Oh really now, maybe i should use the skill again and see how long you can last mister flirt, " Alice said with a smirk waiting for him to take the bait. "Okay you two lets not get too comfortable we are in a dungeon after all, " Nikita said trying to save Derrick from himself.

'Alice the Kobalds on this floor are resistant to wind magic, other than that they seem to travel in mobs of six, there are also less mobs than the previous floor the Boss is probably quite a bit stronger, ' Shadow reported back to Alice.

Conveying Shadows message to the group they decided to with their previous plan of attack. Getting into their positions they moved towards their first mob of the floor attacking with the same strategy as before with just as much effectiveness. The enemy may be a bit stronger but so were they, finishing their first mob and moving to the next deeper into the floor they could start to see a glow just beyond the trees.

Slaying mob after mob making good progress the party made it to a clearing where they say a huge bonfire with a Kobald sitting on a makeshift throne.

| Koblad King level 14 BOSS |

HP 28,000/28,000

MP 12,000/12,000

Skill - Quake

The Kobald King stood at a astounding 8 feet tall having Jet Black fur and no stripes. Instead he had small horns creating a little crown on his head and glowing yellow eyes, while wielding a claymore.

"Damn looks like this boss has a skill and a crowd control one at that, " Seth said clearly annoyed. For tanks crowd control skills that can knock them down can spell death in combat. He would suggest everyone turn around and leave the dungeon if it wasn't for Nira being a top tier healer even as a low level.

Taking his stance Seth charges forward using his 'shout' and 'shied bash' in succession, Nikita and Alice rush to opposite sides of the King and swing at his ankles hoping to disable the King from the start. Unfortunately the Kings hide is to thick and the attacks only leave minor wounds dropping his HP by only 800.

Launching 3 fireballs at the boss hitting him in the chest and head Derrick grins gaining a person best for his magic attack.

Blocking attack after attack and using 'shout as often as needed Seth stands strong as he tanks all of the damage being sent his direction. "Alice try to use some of your magic just don't over do it this time, " Seth shouted out hoping that she could deal a chunk of his HP and make things a little easier.

Jumping back a little Alice raised both hands above her head as a magic circle formed and grew larger and larger until it was slightly smaller than the one she used on the previous boss.

Nikita seeing Alice's attack charged up dashes to the side a few times to avoid any collateral damage.
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Alice's attack crashes into the Kings back dropping his HP by 12,000 leaving him with just under 13,000. Jumping back into action Alice stabs her sword into the back of the Kobald causing the King to become enraged.

The King took a step closer to Seth and let out a deafening roar as it took its claymore and swung it wildly crashing into Seth's shield sending him flying into Nira. Getting the Kings aggro Alice uses her 'Shadow Zone" spell and slow the King down slightly trying to give Nira and Seth time to recover as she puts just enough distance between the boss for it to miss its attacks.

Rushing back into action after receiving a heal as well as a stamina buff from Nira, Seth uses 'shout' gaining aggro from Alice again. "Good job stalling him Alice, do you thing you can join Derrick and use some magic for now? Nikita and I will do the physical damage for now. " Seth asked wanting Alice to assist Derrick.

"Derrick I have been curious but is there a way for us to combine out fire attacks? " Alice asked urgently trying to think of a way to deal as much damage as possible. "We might be able to boost the attack power of one of our attacks if one of use channels our MP into the other, " Derrick said slightly surprised by the suggestion. "I will channel my remaining MP to you and you can fire off an attack ill leave just enough MP for myself that I don't pas out again but I will leave the rest to you after that, " Alice said standing behind Derrick placing her hands on his back and pushing her MP into him.

Blushing slightly Derrick start charging up the biggest fire attack he has with the assistance of Alice's MP "Hell Fire come to my aid and Burn thy enemy to ash, take my MP as a sacrifice and burn the enemy till nothing remains, " Derrick chanted in the language of magic arts as a very complex looking magic circles appeared in front of him glowing a deep red as a single small fire shot towards the King hitting him continually in the chest draining his HP at a rapid pace.

Moments later the King struggled flailing around trying his hardest to put out the fire that was burning him alive.

Failing to put it out the King went down to his knees and fell down with a loud thud as his body continued to burn away.

"That is one hell of an attack why didn't you use that attack sooner? " Alice and Nikita both questioned.

"Well that attack requires 125 MP to fire off and i only have 58 MP, thanks to Alice channeling her MP into me i was able to use the spell, " Derrick said scratching the back of his head with a smile feeling proud that he was the one to finish the Boss off even though he needed Alice's mana to do so.

"Well thankfully we killed him when we did, I am not sure how much longer my shield will hold up, " Seth said looking at his beaten shield. "Well on the bright side after this dungeon you should have plenty enough money to buy a Great shield, " Said Nira as she checked on Seth to see if he had any injuries.

"Lets take a rest and get ready for the last floor, hopefully my shield will hold up for the last battle. If it breaks we will have to retreat and give up on the dungeon and restart after a few days. " Seth said praying his equipment holds up.


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