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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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18 Dungeon Part 4

Waking up a little before everyone else Alice took the opportunity to study her grimoire, 'i really need a attack spell or something that will help me out with these mob battles. ' Alice thought to herself flipping a few pages of the book to explore what she can potentially learn.

Turning the pages one by one she eventually came across the spell 'Shadow Zone.'

| Shadow Zone |

| Effect - Creates a Zone around the caster that slows enemy movement |

Reading the skill Alice decides this would be the perfect skill to use in a party attack on mobs, not only will it not slow her party it has just enough range to slow all the monsters Seth is tanking. Which may even make things easier on Seth. The only down side is the skill is less effective if the monster is a higher level than her. On the other hand if the monster is two or more levels below her the skill gains +25% effectiveness.

Feeling pleased with her new spell Alice wakes Little Shadow up from his nap, "Its time to wake up and get the next floor started Shadow."

Packing up her tent the other party members start to wake up and do the same. "I hope you all got some good rest the next floor will have less mobs but there is also a boss monster, " Seth said standing up and stretching after getting his camping gear packed.

"I just hope this floor is not resistant to my fire magic, " Derrick said letting his head sink a little remembering how useless he was on this floor.

"I am sure you will be able to help us on the third floor Derrick don't be so down, " Said Nira trying to cheer him up.

"Alright enough standing around lets get things going its already been two days and i want to try to get thing done sooner my daughters birthday is coming up, " Seth said leading the group into the next floor.

Shielding their eyes from the blinding light with their hands, the group is finally able to see what the floor looks like. "Oh wow, " Said Seth, slightly shocked at the layout of the floor.

The floor had a bright sun in the clear blue sky, tree were all around and the party could hear the sounds of a beach in the distance they couldn't see any monsters yet because of cover from the trees but the floor was beautiful. Off on the other side of the forest a black brick building that towered over the trees could be seen. "That tower must be where the floor boss is, " Seth said stating the obvious.

Heading into the forest the group keeps their eyes open as the look around taking the time to admire the foreign plants and bugs, there were neon flowers that lined the forest ground everywhere and some bugs the size of Alice's hand. Luckily for the team no one was scared of the critters or it would mean they could potentially be distracted in battle.

"Hey, Derrick it looks like it is your lucky day, the kobald's on this floor have green stripes. " Said Seth looking at Derrick with a grin. "Time to shine! Alice just sit back and watch me kick all these kobald's asses for you, " Derrick said getting pumped up thinking of impressing Alice with his fire attacks.

"I can use fire magic two, " Alice said with a straight face knowing she was crushing whatever fantasy he was living out in his head. "Don't go crushing his spirit now Alice, " Nikita said laughing lightly as she patted Derrick on the back. "Oh! Leave the rest two us Alice and I will be a perfect duo launching fire wherever enemies may be, They will flee in fear when they see this unstoppable duo! " Derrick said bouncing back almost instantly putting an arm around Alice.

Sinking into his shadow she comes back out from a tree next to Nikita.



"Okay enough playing around you two lets get going since they are weak to fire Alice you can continue to attack from the back and make use of your magic from there, Derrick you get in your normal position, Nira and Nikita you know what to do." Seth said moving the party along.

Firing off fire balls one after the other Derrick made surprisingly quick work of the green striped kobald's as the party went from one mob to the next.

The only issue with progress was traversing the wooded area and trying to find the next mob, it would normally take the group roughly 30 minutes before they would find another mob to attack between each battle.

"Lets head towards the beach i really want to have some relaxing fun this is just boring and I am covered in sweat, " Nira said wiping her face off with the sleeve of her robe.

"I guess that we may as well look for mobs in that direction as well, we can just head to the tower after we have some fun, " Seth said agreeing with Nira since he too was drenched in sweat.

Making good time as they head to the sounds of the beach the group only encountered four mobs along the way. Alice wanting to play at the beach would charge up five fireballs and launch them at whatever mob she saw as soon as she saw them almost killing them on the spot making their travels much faster. Derrick on the other hand would try his best to launch attacks as fast as he could to keep up with Alice but would only hit one at a time dealing the rest of the damage needed to kill the kobalds.

Arriving at the beach the team was surprised to a massive ocean and white sand beach in front of them. They knew there would be a beach they just did not expect a beautiful one where the sand was hot and the water was crystal clear allowing you to see the ground no matter how deep you went in.

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Having had their fun and washing the sweat off their bodies the team made their way to the Black tower feeling refreshed and ready to take on the floor boss. "Okay since its very likely the floor boss is weak to fire i want Alice to stand back and make use of your fire magic with Derrick to try to lower his HP quicker that was we can enter the tower and find his loot, " Seth said explaining the battle strategy to everyone.

Getting nods of understanding from everyone they came into view of the boss standing in front of the entrance to the tower.

| Kobald Lord level 13 - BOSS |

HP 21,000/21,000

MP 9,000/9,000

Letting out a slight whistle The group took a moment to examine the boss for any potential weakness. He stood at a good 7 feet tall, had large red eyes, light silver fur with only one White stripe. His weapon was two shiny looking scimitars one in each hand.

"Looks like he has no resistance to fire thankfully but his HP on the other hand is outrageous, " Seth said slightly jealous at the sheer amount of HP a level 13 boss has.

"Lets go! " Seth said as they all ran into position surrounding the boss quickly.

Using his skill 'shout' Seth attracted his attention as Alice and Derrick both charged up multiple fire balls to launch, Nikita launched a fury of attacks at the back of the Kobald's trying to limit his movement as Seth used 'shield bash' to stun the Boss. "NOW!" Seth shouted signaling to Alice and Derrick to launch their attacks.


The fire balls launched at the boss all collided with his head and torso causing the boss to take a step back.

| Kobald Lord level 13 - BOSS |

HP 16,000/21,000

MP 9,000/9000

Using 'shout' again to ensure the Boss didn't take his eyes off of himself Seth put his shield up blocking the onslaught of attacks the Boss unleashed in a fit of rage. Nira not letting Seth's HP drop below 70% continued to heal him as Nikita stabbed both of her swords into the Boss's leg right behind his knee causing the Boss to stumble down onto that knee. using one of his swords to help keep himself standing the Boss used the other sword to swing with all his power crashing into Seth's shield sending Seth flying back a few feet and damaging his HP greatly.

Nira jumping into action used her skill 'Mass Heal' to quickly restore Seth to full HP, the down side to her using this skill is it can only be used once a day so if they end up in a dire situation again Seth may die.

Nikita seeing a bright orange glow from the other side of the monster saw that Alice had both of her hands raised above her head fusing the five fireballs she had into one massive fire ball. Knowing what Alice planned on doing Nikita ran and picked up Nira jumping further away as she yelled "RUN!!!" to Seth.

Using 'shield bash' one last time Seth quickly ran out of the way of Alice's attack yelling for her to attack letting her know he was safely out of the way.

Moving her hands towards the boss the massive fire ball that scorched the ground it passed over flew at the Boss hitting him in the chest before he could move away.


The massive explosion of fire send a small shock wave out and setting the nearby grass and flowers ablaze.

Falling to the ground having completely drained her mana Alice panted and drank some water before passing out.


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