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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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17 Dungeon Part 3

Clawing and biting at his second Kobald, Shadow failed to blind him. Instead, he was grabbed and thrown into a tree losing half of his HP. Deciding that he should rest a bit to recover, so he wouldn't die, he climbed up the tree." Alice, I am sorry that I cannot help any more. My HP is already at half. Please survive this. " Shadow said watching Alice and praying for her safety.

Seeing her HP drop to 30% and her movements slowing, Alice shouted starting to panic even more. "Heal me please!" Just as she was giving up hope, she hears Seth's 'shout' taking the aggro off of her and her HP started to slowly go back up. Taking a much-needed moment of rest, she looks at the rest of the party. They managed to finish the first mob and were now able to come to aid Alice and take the mob off her.

With a slight tear in her eyes, Alice yelled out a thank you and dashed to the back of the mob. Attacking them ferociously she began stabbing her dagger in the kobald's neck that was attacking her from behind moments ago, getting a small amount of revenge. Nikita had both of her swords drawn and was attacking beautifully, dealing a massive amount of damage to the kobald in front of her, killing him in a short amount of time and moving to the next enemy as Seth managed to maintain aggro.

Derrick, on the other hand, was firing off as many attacks as he could hoping to help in killing the mob faster, even though the attacks were weak against the koblad mob. After struggling for what felt like an hour, the party managed to kill the last kobald in the mob, giving the exhausted members a chance to catch their breath and recover. "How many more mobs are on this floor I wonder." Nikita asked looking off in the distance trying to count.

"From here, it looks like there are 4 or 5. On the bright side, I leveled up again. I am truly sorry that I was not able to hold all of the aggro and you suffered Alice." Seth said, feeling guilty that his abilities were not enough to keep his newest team member safe causing her to almost lose her life.

"It's okay. These things happen. I am just happy that we all made it through this. I even managed to level up as well. " Alice said while pulling up her status window.

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen > Demi Angel

Title - Hunter

HP - 285/285 (310/310)

MP - 305/305 (330/330)

Level - 11

STR - 38 > 40+10

VIT - 30 > 40+5

INT - 50 > 60 +5

DEX - 25 > 27(+10 +5)

DEF - 21 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 34 > 40(+5 +10)

Skill points - 30 > 0

Skills; Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive)

Once the pleasant feeling of her body started powering up, Alice laid back calling Shadow over, so she could love on her little savior. 'Thank you for doing what you could for me and keeping your promise. ' Alice said to Shadow, gaining a nudge to her head feeling his soft fur rub against her face with affection.

"Good, it seems that we all gained a level except for Derrick." Seth said, trying to formulate a better battle plan to prevent something like this from happening again. "

Not being able to come up with a better plan on the spot, Seth only suggested to Alice and Nikita that they attack and be cautious. "If it looks like I am losing aggro, tell me and I'll use 'shout' again. I don't want anyone to lose their lives in this dungeon. "

Seeing the two damage dealers nod, the party moved on to the next mob. Fighting this mob more effectively, the group began to form a rhythm in their battle fighting and shouting to warn Seth when to use his aggro ability.

Fighting mob after mob the party slowly made their way to the end of the dungeon floor without much trouble aside from the occasional kobald trying to attack Alice or Nikita. Most of the time, the pair were able to fend off the attacks since they had a good understanding of the way the kobalds would move, and how they would normally attack after a brief pause of losing aggro.

"Nyaa!!! This is exhausting! There are so many mobs on this floor and the last mob looks a little different than the ones we have fought up till now." Nikita said stretching and preparing for the last fight on this floor.

| Red Kobald Elder level 13 |

| Red Kobald Elder level 12 |

| Red Kobald Elder level 13 |

| Red Kobald Elder level 11 |

| Red Kobald Elder level 12 |
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The Kobald Elders stood a good foot taller than the normal kobald. Their fur was red with onyx black stripes while they had a menacing glow to their eyes. Most of them carried clubs while the level 13 ones carried large iron axes that looked unimpressive.

"Okay, our plan remains the same, even though they look a little stronger. We should still be able to kill them with our current plan of attack." Seth said while making sure all his equipment was good to go. He sported a large shield made of steel that had what looked to be a family crest on the front. There was a Lion standing over a corpse while letting out a roar and two spears were crossed behind him. As well as having a silver, short sword, much the same as Alice's silver sword.

Looking at the party, everyone just nodded to each other knowing it was time to get this floor's last battle started. Rushing forward, Seth used 'shout' gathering their aggro and slamming his shield into the one directly in front of him, causing the Elder to fall. This gave Alice and Nikita the opportunity to stab their swords in his chest finishing one of the five early on.

Noticing that he is starting to lose aggro as the two damage dealers are attacking without end, he lets out another 'shout' pulling the aggro back to him. He blocked the onslaught of attacks thrown his way. Nira, seeing Seth's HP slowly drop from the force of the attacks, starts to heal him every now and then while keeping an eye on everyone to see who needs healing.

Derrick on the other hand was trying his luck at using a bow, notching an arrow and aiming for the Elder's heads missing miserably. "Keep trying Derrick! You can do it!" Shouted Alice, noticing that Derrick was trying everything he could to help and not be useless on this floor.

As the fight continued, Alice and Nikita managed to deal enough damage to kill three more Elders leaving just one more alive. "All together now!" Seth shouted eagerly wanting to end the battle so they could get some proper rest.

Alice and Nikita both let loose a fury of attacks, Alice attacking low and Nikita attacking high in almost perfect unison. During this, Seth would let out another 'shout' as needed to keep the Elders attention on himself.

Landing the killing blow, Alice pulled her sword out of the Elders back, swinging it to the side to get the blood to fly off, making a semi-circle of blood around the place she stood. Seeing this, Derrick couldn't help but to stare at her and admire the war goddess in front of him. Patting Derrick's shoulder and leaning in to whisper, "Girls like that normally only go for guys who are as strong or stronger than they are, so keep on training my friend."

"Alright, everyone. You all did a great job! Now get your tents put up and take yourself a much-deserved nap. We head to the third floor in 8 hours." Seth said. pulling out his camping gear and discarding his heavy armor.


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