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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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15 Dungeon Part 1

Making sure all her preparations for the dungeon were complete, Alice stocked some extra food before leaving her room to meet up with the others. Only seeing Seth, Alice walked up sitting beside him at the bar. "When are the others going to get here?" Alice asked.

"They should be here soon. I imagine Derrick is double and triple-checking how he looks right now to try and impress you! " Seth said chuckling. "While we are chatting, mind telling me how you got your hands on a Magical Beast?" He asked, looking at Shadow sitting on her lap.

"I managed to find him during one of my quests. Some bandits had stolen the egg and I took it from them." she said with a shrug.

"Does he have any skills yet?" Seth questioned, attempting to pet Shadow only to pull his hand back hearing the creature let out a low growl. "Be nice! " Alice said pulling on Shadow whiskers gently. "Not yet. Shadow is only level 7 right now."

"But he is very useful in a fight and I can communicate with him via telepathy, so if we want to scout out an area without attracting attention, there probably isn't a better kitty for the job. " Alice said teasingly hearing Shadow protest being called a lowly kitty.

While Alice and Seth were chatting, the rest of the party arrived and began to join in on the conversation. "I think it is about time we head out. It will take us roughly four hours to get there on foot." Seth announced, signaling for the party to head out.


"Alright, so here is our main course of action: Since I'm the tank, I'll use my agro skill 'shout' to draw the mob's attention and focus them on me. Nira, I want you to keep an eye on everyone's HP and heal us as needed; meaning if we drop below 50% HP, start healing. Don't heal us for minor injuries since we will be in the dungeon for around five days. Nikita, I would like it if you could use your flexibility and agility to get behind the mob, if possible, to attack at weak points. Alice, since you're also a damage dealer and have pretty high agility, I would like you to assist Nikita and show us the extent of what you can do. Also, because Little shadow is a little under leveled, I'd like you to instruct him to hang back a little so that he doesn't get injured and die. We will use him for recon and that's it during this dungeon. Derrick, we have gone through this before a few times, so you already know to stay behind me and to blast away the mob monsters who try to get around me," Seth instructed as we all nodded knowing our roles and what to do now.

"Let's get going then. And remember, if you get overwhelmed, to shout for help so Nira can heal and buff you if needed until we can save you." Seth reminded everyone. He began leading the way into the dungeon entrance which looked like a door with visible, swirling mana.

Following Seth's lead, everyone entered through the doorway, only to be met with an amazing sight. A vast, star filled night sky with 2 beautiful moons. They looked so close to them, one might be able to reach out and touch them.

"Woah..." They all spoke in unison, marveling at the beauty before them. Barely having any time to compose themselves, they hear monsters headed their way. "Looks like this dungeon is filled with Kobalds, " said Derrick getting his spells ready. Seth runs forward waiting until they're close enough before using his skill 'shout'.

"Huuaaaahh!!!!" Seth let's out a deafening roar, pulling the kobolds agro. Using his gigantic shield, he slams it down causing a shockwave to erupt outwards stunning the kobolds in front of him. Nikita rushes forward stepping off Seth's back and jumping over the group of monsters. She pulls a sword from its sheath, letting out a quick strike, before decapitating one of them. 'Wow, she seems pretty skillful.' Alice thought to herself, not wanting to be left out of the fun.

Using Rift Warp, Alice appears behind the group of monsters, taking her sword out stabbing one through the back and killing it instantly. The party makes quick work of the first mob, only taking a few minutes to kill the last of them.

"Good job everyone! If the rest of the mobs go down smoothly, we will be able to clear the dungeon in no time!" Seth praised everyone's hard work with pride in his voice.

"Let's collect the best weapons they have to sell and leave the rest of the loot. There will be plenty of better drops the further we go." Derrick suggested, making a good point.

"Good idea. Let's head further into the dungeon and try to finish this floor as quick as we can, so we can have some free time to make camp and rest, " Alice said, wanting to have some time to admire her surroundings and have a look around.

| Quest - Find the Kobold's Treasure Chest |

| Reward - Level up, Random skill |

'Oh? Looks like I can get quests from the system that are even related to dungeons. How convenient.' Alice thought to herself, becoming slightly excited to receive her level up and new skill.

Continuing their routine, they have a relatively easy time slaying mobs moving from one mob to the next, hardly taking any damage. It was all thanks to Seth's excellent ability to tank the mobs and Nira's timely healing.

Seeing the entrance to the next floor, a huge hole in the ground that seemed to go on without end, Seth suggested them to make camp where they were.

Pulling out some of her dried meat, Alice feeds herself and Shadow while everyone conversed among each other.
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"Since we have killed everything on this floor, I want to take the opportunity to explore around this area and admire the beauty of it. You don't see something like this every day you know?" Alice says to the others, remembering her system quest.

Wandering around aimlessly, Alice had come across a massive lake wondering why no one noticed it before. Lowering her hands, she soon realizes the water has a very high concentration of mana in it which gave her the idea to take a bath. She is covered in Kobold blood after all and she doesn't know when she will get this chance again in the next few days.

"Do you want to take a bath Shadow? You've been pretty quiet lately." Alice asked, wanting to finally have a moment alone with her most loyal companion. "I'd rather just lick myself clean. Thank you, though." Shadow replied, pawing at his reflection in the water.

"If you say so. Keep watch for me because I would absolutely hate for Derrick to try to peep at me!" Alice said slightly shivering at the thought of having to be stuck in a dungeon with him if he turned out to be a pervert.

Giving a nod, Shadow wandered off leaving Alice to soak in the lake. Upon getting into the water, Alice instantly started to feel her MP recharge at a rapid pace. "This is amazing! I feel so rejuvenated already. It would be nice to take a bath like this every day. I should definitely come back when I'm a higher level to bathe here." Alice said to herself wishing the night would just continue like this.

'Alice, I found a hidden entrance. I have no idea where it leads, but I can feel the presence of a Magical Beast inside.' Shadow said.

'That sounds quite interesting. I'll head your way.' Alice replied putting her armor back on, ending her bath faster than she wanted.


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