I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
14 Welcome to the Party
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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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14 Welcome to the Party

'I guess it's time to upgrade my status and go update my rank and actually start going to dungeons, ' Alice thought to herself while cleaning her armor and preparing for the day. "Status"

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen > Demi Angel

Title - Hunter

HP - 180/180 (205/205)

MP - 250/250 (275/275)

Level - 10

STR - 28 > 38 +10

VIT - 20 > 30 +5

INT - 30 > 50 +5

DEX - 20 > 5 (+10 +5)

DEF - 21 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 24 > 34 (+5 +10)

Skill points - 55 > 0

Skills - Familiar Telepathy, Blessed by God (Passive)

Adjusting her stats Alice felt a surge of power enter her body and slowly settle down. 'Giving myself this much of a boost really feels great, ' Alice thought with a smirk.

"Stay here for a bit Shadow I'm going to take the Test to rank up, I'll be back soon, " She said petting Shadow who was laying on the end of her bed.

"Hiya Jess is like to rank up, is Mathew available for the test?" Alice asked feeling more than ready to take on Mathew.

"He should be here soon, you're welcome to go wait for him in the Training room ill let him know that you're in there when he gets here, " Jess said as she continued reading her book.


Stretching and picking a wooden sword and dagger from the weapon rack Alice started thinking of some combos she could use for the pair of weapons she selected.

"Already Level 10? It's only been a few weeks since you got here. Well seeing how you've already got you weapons let's get started a morning sparring season is always a great way to start the day, " Mathew said taking a fighting stance with a smile waiting for Alice to make her move.

Giving Mathew a smile she teasingly waved as she sank into a shadow. 'Where did you go brat, ' Mathew thought to himself not willing to let the girl get a hit off so soon into the spar.

Reappearing from the shadow Mathew cast she lunged her sword towards his back, only to be met with the man grabbing her sword and sending the first flying towards her. Using Rift Warp to blink behind him abandoning her sword she takes the dagger and slices at the back of his neck accurately ending the Sparring season.

"I guess I still underestimated you a bit, it really threw me off with you knowing two shadow spells already, " Mathew said gently rubbing the back of his neck. "Well I thought about just standing back and setting you on fire, " she said as four fireballs appeared around her.

"No no no, I would much prefer you not do that, " He said waving his hand looking impressed. "You can go let Jess know that you passed again, congratulations."

Skipping out of the training room and up to the reception desk, Alice handed her ID over with a smile. "I passed id like to rank up please."

"I kinda figured you would, I've updated your rank from E to D. With the new rank you can lead dungeon parties for E rank raids and participate in D rank dungeons as long as you find a party that will accept you. Naturally, dungeons are much harder than what you've experienced until now but with that comes a higher payoff in the form of monster drops and various other factors. You can apply to join a party at the Dungeon board at the other end of the tavern located inside the guild, " Jess said in a slight monotone like she's said it hundreds of times before.

"Thank you ill head to pick up a new weapon before I try and find a party, " She said as she headed out the door to go see Yumi.

Walking through the business district Alice enters Yumi's shop as an older man is being yelled at and kicked out. "Woah, what happened here?" Alice asked as she started browsing the swords.

"OH! Alice, I'm so happy to see you, that old man decided he would rather buy a night with me than any of my wares. Disgusting pig I only have eyes for my adorable Alice, " she said hugging her and stepping back. "Is there anything I can help you find?"

"I'm just looking to buy a good sword and dagger and anything else I might need for a dungeon, " She replied picking up a Silversword. "Oh you ranked up to D? that's amazing feel free to ask me if you need any help or find something you want I have to go work on an order I received so ill be in the back," Yumi said before resuming her business.
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Keeping the Silversword in hand she picks up a random dagger deciding to buy then both since they're not her main weapons just the one she plans to show for now.

After buying the rest of what she needed she headed to the tavern to try and join a party.

'There are quite a few open spaces in various different parties, it would be nice to be in A small one with a healer, ' Alice started thinking to herself trying to decide which one to join.

"Hey, Alice you finally ranked up? that's amazing it only took you a day, we have an open spot in our party if you'd like to join us, " Derrick said smiling.

Turning around to greet Derrick she noticed his friends. A tall hulking man that reminded her of Mathew who must be a tanker class, a short blond girl that looked like she was no older than 15 sporting a staff with a cross at the top showing she was a healer recognized by the church, and a Demi-human with two swords on her right hip. "Allow me to introduce you, the tall guy is Seth he is our tank, the girl in the robes is Nira our healer, and the girl with the cat ears is Nikita our main damage dealer, and of course there is me the fire mage but you already know that, " Derrick said with a light chuckle. "So are you willing to join us we have been looking for another Damage dealer and you fit the bill with your magic and ability to fight. Mathew even sent us your way vouching for your abilities."

"Sure, It's nice to meet you all my name is Alice and I'll be in your, from now on, " Alice said warmly. "So which dungeon do you guys plan on doing?"

"Our plan is to take a dungeon to the west, its famous for its sheer quantity of monsters it has 5 floors and 3 boss monsters that are level 13, 14, and 15. From what we have been able to gather it'll take roughly 5 days to clear the dungeon depending on how fast we can clear the mob monsters. We are setting out tomorrow first thing in the morning if you want to meet us here tomorrow." Seth said as he outstretched his hand to shake Alice's.

"Sounds like a good plan ill see you guys in the morning, " Alice replied as she shook Seth's hand.


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