I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
12 Let“s Level Up Shadow
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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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12 Let“s Level Up Shadow

Waking up a little early Alice gets her armor equipped and wakes Little Shadow up. "Come on Shadow let's go see what kind of requests we can do today, " Alice said petting Shadow and waking him up. Jumping off the bed and following behind Alice the two go downstairs.

'Hmmm, there are 6 rank E requests right now. Subjugate the Goblins that are taking a farmer's crops, Gather spirit water, Gather Iron Ore from the mine, Kill the Slime King, Capture a Goblin alive for research, Kill/Capture the Thief Nina.' Looking over the requests Alice decides to take down; Gather Spirit water, Kill the Slime King and Capture a goblin alive.

"Hey, Jess I've got some more requests id like to do today, " Alice said as she handed the flyers to Jess.

"Giving yourself a full plate today are you?" Jess questioned wondering what level she would come back as today. "I've approved your requests but remember to take it easy you've been going pretty hard at things you even came back covered in blood last time."

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!" Alice said already on her way out the front door with Little Shadow right behind her.

Picking Shadow up Alice uses her Shadow Magic to appear next to Adam again. Without even looking at her he just shakes his hand and waves her away knowing even if he tried to stop her by the time he looked down she would almost be out of sight already.

Reaching the forest Alices takes out the flyer for the Slime king to try and find clues about his location and any information related to the request.

Request - Kill Slime King.

The Slime King is hard to miss, it is roughly 6 times the size of a normal slime and dark red. The king's level is 8 and is partially resistant to physical attacks since they mostly just pass through him. It's recommended to use magic to deplete his HP once killed the King should drop 'Slime Kings Ring'. You can find the Slime King by entering the forest where slimes are located and traveling deeper into slime territory.

"Well, that not much of a hint I could have guessed he was around the other slimes. but the drop seems pretty interesting, " Alice said as she put Shadow down. "Think you can keep up Shadow? She asked wanting to see how fast her adorable pet was.

" Rawr~" Shadow growled out accepting the challenge.

Taking off about half speed Alice looked to her side seeing Shadow keeping up with ease so she picked up the pace. Pleased to see she could run at almost full speed and Shadow keep up with her the two made it to the Slime's territory relatively quickly.

Leaving the small slimes for Shadow to deal with so he could work on leveling up Alice finally spots the Slime King. Being almost half her height she couldn't help but find the slime kind of creepy looking. "Shadow just have fun killing the small slime ill kill the king, " She called out to Shadow as she watched him run off to kill more slimes.

Forming a large fireball in her hand she throws it at the slime king putting some power behind her throw trying to increase the damage.

"BOOM!!" The fireball explodes on impact with the Slime King causing it to take burn damage and even roll over a few times. Happy with the firepower behind her attack she launches 2 more at him not wanting to get any closer to the disgusting monster.


Catching fire the Slime King tries his best to roll over to put out the fire to no avail. Struggling for a few minutes the King caves in on himself dying.

'Luckily it only took 3 Fireballs I'm starting to run low on MP this skill takes quite a bit of mana to fire off, ' Alice thought in disappointment at the drain to her MP.

Leaping off the tree Alice picks up the drop.

| Slime Kings Ring |

| +10 DEF, +10% resistance to physical damage |

Raising an eyebrow at the second half of the rings boost Alice wasted no time putting the black ring with a bright red gem. 'How can something so disgusting looking drop something so pretty?' Alice wondered as she noticed her level up

Name - Alice

Class - Fallen

Title - Hunter

HP - 105/105 (130/130)
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MP - 125/125 (150/150)

Level - 9

STR - 22 +10

VIT - 15 +5

INT - 20 > 25 +5

DEX - 17 (+10 +5)

DEF - 11 (+5 +10 +10)

AGI - 20 (+5 +10)

Skill points - 5 > 0

Putting all her free points into INT she could feel her mana pool grow considerably. Feeling happy about the growth she attempts to call out for Shadow when she sees a system quest appear.

| Quest Reach Level 10 |

| Reward - +50 skill points, Class up |

"Holy shit, that's quite the reward the skill points alone are enough to make me stay out here till I level up, I wonder what class up means though?" Alice said aloud having a new reason to level up even quicker.

"Little Shadow come back!" Alice cupped her hands around her mouth as she shouted.

Seeing Shadow run back to her side she couldn't help but notice that he grew a few inches taller. "Well don't you look a little bit more intimidating, " she teased giving him a head rub inspecting his level.

| Little Shadow Level 5 |

HP 80/80

MP 80/80

"Just how many slimes did you kill? did you get bigger from eating them?" Alice questioned

With the Slime King killed and plenty of daylight left Alice and Shadow set out for their next destination, Capture a Goblin alive. "Shadow when we reach the goblins I'm going to disarm one and tie him up, you keep the ones close by at bay or eat them for all I care just have fun."

"Rawr" Shadow let out agreeing with the plan of action sounding quite a bit more like a Beast rather than a house cat.

Taking off at full speed towards the goblin territory Alice was surprised to see Shadow actually passing her up. 'You little shit don't kill them all before I can catch one, ' Alice thought to herself slightly annoyed that a level 5 Beast was faster than her.

Thinking of the Grimoire Alice wanted a spell to teleport forward a short distance to close the gap that Shadow was putting between them.


The pages of the book turned quickly showing her the spell 'Rift Warp' A spell allowing the caster to quickly blink to a location in front of them as long as they can see the spot they want to move towards.

Putting the Grimoire away she uses her new spell. Instantly disappearing from her spot leaving a black fog that slowly faded away in the direction of the caster, Alice instantly appeared next to Shadow in another puff of black fog. "I guess your not fast enough to beat me just yet little guy, " Alice said before blinking further ahead.


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