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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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11 Magic Basics

Waking up feeling rejuvenated, Alice got dressed in one of her new dresses. Another frilly black dress that came about knee length and sympathizes her figure in certain key places.

Feeling satisfied with how she looked she set out to the Mages Guild to learn some more magic, knowing it could prove very useful in battle.

"Hiya Sarah I'm here to see about learning some fire and wind magic to increase my overall battle capabilities. Is there anything I can do or an instructor available to help me?" Alice asked casually walking up to the front desk.

"Hmm which element are you wanting to learn about, you're on your own when it comes to the shadow element though unfortunately," Sarah answered back.

"Hmmm let's start with fire, I need a long-distance damage ability so I can have more options when fighting monsters above my own level," Alice said while trying to think of future battle strategies.

"If you want you can go to practice some of your shadow magic in the practice room while I see if we have anyone to come help you out, I'll let them know where to find you once I find someone to help teach you," Sarah said giving a hand gesture in the direction of the practice room.

'I wonder if I can use my shadow movement to go between rooms? I've only used it in open areas so far, ' Alice pondered before activating her shadow movement. Sinking into her own shadow she spots numerous shadows she can appear out of picking one that looks like it's far enough away to be the practice room she reappears next to a target in the practice room narrowly being missed by a fireball being sent her direction.

"Shit are you okay? Where in the world did you come from I could have killed you!" The fire mage said as he rushed over to see if Alice was okay stumbling to a pause noticing how beautiful she is.

"Yeah I'm fine, sorry for the scare I used my shadow magic to see if I could move between rooms and I didn't expect anyone to be in here. I'll be sure to be more careful next time, my name is Alice it's nice to meet you."


"Hello?" Alice said waving a hand in front of his face, "Oh right sorry my name is Derrick I'm a fire mage it's nice to meet you as well, " He said slightly blushing.

"I'm actually here to try to learn fire magic! Do you think you could try to teach me how to use it?" Alice said excitedly.

"Yes! I'd be happy to teach you the basics, " Derrick said jumping at the opportunity to get closer to Alice and spend some time with her. "Fire magic is pretty simple to learn when it comes to the basics, the way my master taught me is by having me sit down closing my eyes and imagining the mana at the tip of my finger heating up slowly. It takes a lot of concentration and it takes a little while to do but with enough practice, you should be able to create a candle-like fire at your fingertip which is pretty useful when you're camped out in the forest." Derrick explained.

"That sounds easy enough mind if I give it a shot?" Alice asked walking over to a safe part of the room as she sat down. "Sure I don't mine ill keep quiet and let you concentrate just ask me if you're having trouble and I'll gladly assist in any way I can." He said as he sat next to her.

Crossing her legs and holding a finger out she closed her eyes and tried to imagine the mana in her body being pushed to her fingertip. Feeling the mana at her finger she started to imagine a fire being created at her fingertip. 'Hotter...hotter...hotter' Alice thought in a concentration not losing her train of thought she felt the room warming up as she opened her eyes only to see a rather large fire slightly above her finger. Acting on impulse she flicked her finger which caused the fire to swirl into a ball and launch towards the targets missing the targets in front she just barely hit a target at the back by sheer luck as the target caught fire before gradually dying down.

"HOW? It took me months to be able to gather enough fire to light a campfire but you gathered enough to launch an attack in 5 minutes on your 1st try!" Derrick said in amazement.

"I guess I'm pretty gifted when it comes to magic since I have 3 elements altogether, " Alice said trying not to brag.

'Is she the fucking reincarnation of a legendary hero or something, ' Derrick thought before saying, "That's just too amazing, do you know how many high-level adventure parties would kill to recruit you to their team? What's your 3rd element?

"My third element is Wind I'm hoping to learn how to use that later on, for now, I just want to increase my damage output so I can fight against higher level monsters better, " Alice said truthfully.
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"Well considering you can now use FireBall I don't see that as being much of a problem, how much mana do you have? Since you're level 8 it should be around 60 right?" Derrick asked curiously.

"Hmm well I have 60 mana left right now but when I'm at full it's a little over 100," Alice said not knowing that having 100 mana at level 8 is just ridiculous.

"Sigh, I guess I can't be surprised by your mana when you can learn fireball in 5 minutes. So what are your plans now that you learned what you came here for?" He questioned.

"I guess I'm going to take a few more requests and try to level up some more so I can hit D rank status at the adventures guild.

Having D rank status comes with the perk of a passive income of 1 silver a day at the guild and the ability to be a party leader for E rank dungeons.

" That sounds like a good idea, well come find me once you rank up and we can go challenge a dungeon if you'd like me and some of my friends go every now and again to get better loot, " Derrick said hopefully thinking about bragging to his friends about being able to spend time with a beauty like this.

"Yeah, that sounds like fun ill be sure to come to look for you later so we can go conquer an E rank dungeon, cya later, " Alice said waving as she left to go get her armor, shadow, and a few more requests.


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