I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
10 Shopping In The Kingdom
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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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10 Shopping In The Kingdom

Arriving at the Adventures Guild Alice happily makes her way up the receptionists' desk to register Little Shadow.

"Um, Alice are you okay? and when did you get a cat?" Jess asked with concern seeing blood splattered on her armor and face.

"Yeah I'm perfectly fine, why do you ask? And this is Little Shadow I managed to complete all my requests and I even killed the Bandit Leader! That's how I got this little guy he is a magical beast and I have a blood contract with him so I need to have him registered." Alice said joyfully. "Oh, right I almost forgot about the blood I did a lot of hunting and ran into some trouble, sorry I'll go wash up after we are finished."

"YOU KILLED THE LEADER ALONE? I told you that was a party request stupid girl you could have been killed!" Jess said a little louder than she meant to garnering some stares toward Alice which she ignored.

"Yeah I know but I didn't manage to kill all the bandits just like 6 of them plus the leader I had to bail or I might really have died," Alice said calmly still smiling happily about today's progress.

"Sigh... I guess there's no helping it now, let me see your ID card so I can verify the kills so I can give you the rewards. I won't be able to give you a full reward for the Bandits but I can probably pay you something for taking out the leader and a handful of the Bandits." Jess said giving in.

"Sure thing!" Alice said handing over the Card to Jess. 12 slimes, 34 Goblins, and 7 Bandits is what her kill count for the day showed, handing Alice her card back "I've registered Little Shadow as your pet, the reward for the Goblins will be 17 Silver, for the Goblin Leader its 32 Silver, and I can give you 60 Silver which is half the original reward for the bandits since you took out the Leader of the camp which means they will probably move somewhere else." Jess said handing Alice 109 Silver.

"Also in case you didn't know in this kingdom 100 copper is equal to 1 Silver, and 1,000 Silver is equal to 1 Gold. While 10,000 Gold is Equal to one Holy Coin." Jess informed Alice as she was running up to her room.

Taking her armor off Alice didn't realize how much she looked forward to taking a shower, Inserting 30 MP into the Water Stone she planned to take a nice long relaxing shower.

Finishing up her shower she got to cleaning her armor and washing off all the blood, walking to the closet she realized she really has nothing to wear except her Armor. 'Blah I really need something to just wear around the town, I've still got a ton of stuff to sell to Yumi so maybe I'll go shopping later."

Putting her armor in her closet she put the shirt she woke up in back on and tied up her hair as she ran out the door telling Shadow to come.


"Hiya~ Yumi how've you been? Miss me?" Alice said playfully. "Of course I have cutie, what've you got for me today?" Asked Yumi curiously.

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Pulling All the weapons and armor pieces she looted off her hunt today out of her Inventory which only had one space left, Yumi couldn't believe she looted all this in a day at such a level.

"Mmmmm I'll buy it all off you for 80 Silver coins, will you be needing to buy anything today?" Yumi asked.

"I still have a weapon I managed to loot that I plan to use but I do plan on going shopping for more outfits after this," Alice replied wondering if she should buy a weapon anyways, now that she had 180 Silver and some copper change.

"Ohhh that sounds super fun! I close up shop in like 10 minutes mind some company?" Yumi asked as she just imagined seeing how cute and sexy Alice would be wearing some of the clothes and underwear sold in the kingdom.

Finishing closing Yumi caught up to Alice who was waiting by the water fountain in the middle of the Business District. "Hey did I take to long? I'm sorry if you got bored." Yumi said hoping she didn't make Alice wait for longer than she wanted.

"No not at all, you do you girl! So where are we going 1st Miss local?" Alice said since she didn't know what shops had good clothes.

"Julia's Fashion Empire' has some great looking clothes they're all the craze right now! let's start there." Yumi suggested as she grabbed Alice's hand leading her through the crowded street to the shop.

Felling people stare at them Alice felt kind of uncomfortable she could feel some of the thoughts some of the men they passed by.

'Oh my, this store is huge and the clothes are all so cute..' Alice thought to herself as Yumi took the lead grabbing everything she thought would look good on Alice. Eventually making their way to the underwear section if the store Yumi turned to look Alice in the eyes with a serious look. "I've noticed for a while now but you don't wear anything do you?"

Alice's face glowing red "That's none of your business I have what I need." Upon hearing this and seeing Alice's face "Well this is my treat so you have no choice its payback for not buying a weapon from me yet." She said sternly hoping that Alice would agree.

"awhhhh FINE just 1 set! I'll come back for more later by myself!" Said Alice embarrassed. "This one time will hold me over for a while," Yumi said chuckling lightly.

Settling with a Purple lace pushup and a matching pair of panties, they headed to the dressing room to try on everything Yumi selected.

"That was more fun than I thought it would be," Alice said wearing one of the new outfits she purchased. A Black and white dress with frills and a low cut, fishnets, and some new flats. "Duh this is a must for stress relief after a long day's work plus you look H ~ O ~ T ~," Yumi said spelling out the word rather than saying it which only embarrassed Alice more.

Storing away the bags of other clothes, Yumi was once again leading Alice around the town visiting different stalls, buying jewelry and sweets till dark. "Thanks for letting me tag along I had a lot of fun on our date." Said Yumi with a playful wink.

"Can you stop already, you were the one who dragged me along so I guess you're welcome," Alice said letting out a laugh. "Anyways I'm going back to my room to get some sleep me and shadow had a very eventful day today and I can't wait to sleep!"

"Make sure to come to see me again soon," Yumi said waving as she headed back to her shop.

Finally making it back home Alice hung up her new clothes and fell back onto her bed while shadow jumped onto the bed laying down beside her. Softly petting her Alice slowly fell asleep.


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