I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
4 Talent Test with a Gian
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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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4 Talent Test with a Gian

Leaving the Mage's guild and heading across the street to the adventurer's guild to take her test, Alice runs into a monstrous sized man.

| Mathew - Level ??? |

"Woah there, little miss, are you okay? Where are you off to in such a hurry?" Mathew crouches down lending her a hand up.

'Did his mother die during birth?? How can someone be so big?!' Alice thought to herself taking his hand. "My name is Alice. Sorry, I'm on my way to the guild to meet with you for my Talent test. I did not want to be late as I spent a little longer at the mage's guild than I wanted."

"Oh, well then you have great timing. I just returned from a meeting. Follow me and I'll take you to the Testing room" Mathew said as he stood back up and crouched down to enter the Guild.

Mathew had to be 7' at least with short black hair and a well taken care of beard and Muscles on every inch of his body. 'I wonder how high his level is for it to show up as question marks?' Alice thought while following along.

Entering the Test room, Mathew stretched a bit informing Alice she could choose from any of the wooden weapons in the rack on the far wall to use during the test.

"The test will consist of you doing your best to attack me and trying to either dodge my attacks, I'll hold back as much as I can, so I don't kill you in 1 hit. Keep in mind though it will hurt if you're hit since I have 56 Levels on you" Mathew said with a smirk, curious as to what weapon this small framed little girl would choose.

Eyeing the weapons in the rack Alice decided to go with a short sword as well as a dagger for her off hand since a shield would prove useless against the beast she had to attack. 'A sword is probably best since I lied about my class and a dagger may prove useful if I can use it right.' Alice thought to herself while walking onto the test area.

"I'm ready when you are. Feel free to—"

Before he could finish his sentence, Alice had already launched herself at full speed towards him trying to land an early blow in. "What a feisty little one you are!" Mathew said, grinning as he threw a light punch her way still having the power to knock her unconscious if landed.

Narrowing her eyes giving this 120% of her concentration, she pulled the dagger out slashing at his wrist, and turning her body quickly using the momentum to swing her sword at his feet. It caused Mathew to jump back out of the way in surprise.

"It seems you've got some moves." Mathew said lunging back towards her, not giving her time to recover.

Rolling to the side barely escaping his attack, Alice took advantage of his massive size grabbing onto his shirt as he passed her, swinging her body onto his shoulders and fixing the dagger at his throat. Seeing this, Mathew decided to put his hands up in defeat not expecting Alice to have this kind of battle power even when he was suppressing himself.

"You pass with flying colors, Alice. Where did you learn to fight like that?" Mathew questioned with a smile on his face. Alice jumped down from his shoulders.

Panting a bit from having used everything she had to get the upper hand with the limited stamina she had, Alice replied to the large man. "I just moved the way my body wanted me to. I'm only a level 2 after all." The girl then thought to herself, 'If I was in my Angel body, I could have killed you with one attack.'

"Well that's some damn good instincts you have. Go inform Jess that you've passed, and you can be shown to your room and use the rest of the day however you want." Mathew said leaving the room 1st.

'I should have put some more points into DEX I'm already worn out.' Alice thought, making a mental note to do so in her next few levels.

"Mathew told me to let you know that I've passed the test." Alice said with an exhausted face.

"Wonderful Mathew isn't an easy opponent. If you'll follow me, I'll show you to your room so you can have a rest and shower." Jess said motioning for her to follow.

"What is a shower?" Alice asked

"I'll show you once we get to your room. The Mage's guild just developed this as a way to conveniently bathe in privacy in the comfort of your own room." Jess said as if she's had to explain it 100 times before.

Entering her room, she was slightly shocked at how nice it was, there was a nice bed, a window, a bathroom and a closet. 'So luxurious…' Alice thought.

"To use the shower, you step onto this pad and remove your clothes. You will have to insert around 10 MP points into this Water stone and the water will start to fall like rain so you can wash yourself. Seeing how you were robbed I thought I'd give you a free bottle of shampoo and body soap so you can relax in style." Jess said with a wink.

"That sounds amazing thank you" Alice said with delight.

"I'll leave you to it then. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to let me know." Jess said before leaving her alone.

'I should probably shower I smell like death.' Alice thought with an excited expression.

After enjoying her shower and feeling slightly drained from using 20 MP to take a longer shower, Alice laid on her new bed passing out before she even realized she was sleepy.

Fighting a battle against an intruding enemy, Alice flew toward the Castle after slaying numerous invaders. Observing all the Chaos around her, she jumps into action to save a small child from being abducted by the unknown enemy. The arm of a powerful foe, dressed in black robes, using magic, and sheer power, he planned to take the Angel kingdom by surprise.

"Are you Okay? Where are your parents?" Alice asked panicked to the little girl.

"I-I-I don't know mommy hid me in a cabinet when we heard all the fighting. My Mommy and Daddy ran off to help and they haven't come back. I'm scared." The little girl said crying in Alice's arms.
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Looking around for a safe space for the little girl to hide, Alice gets hit with a surprise attack, leaving her shocked. She dropped the little girl. Yelling for the little girl to run she gives her a small push in hopes of getting her to run and escape. As if time stopped, an arrow shot from behind her cuts her neck just barely not killing her as it sinks into the little girls back.

Watching the little girl fall dead, she feels her blood boil as she lets out a scream in horror and anger.


Waking up in a cold sweat remembering some of the horrors that took place before her death she breathes heavily. 'I'm definitely going to take revenge; I will kill every last one of those bastards!' Alice thought to herself.


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