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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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3 Mages Guild

Now that Alice gained a small boost in MP, she was ready to try to learn some magic. As she tried to open the doors to the mage's guild, she phased through the front door and landed on her face. The door has magic in it to allow people to walk through the door without opening it.

"What the F***!" Alice yelled out in surprise and anger. The other mages just looked at her and chuckled to which she glared at the rude people surrounding her.

"Are you alright?" A young mage named Samuel appeared, offering his hand to her.

"I'm fine, but what is wrong with your door? Shouldn't there be a warning or something?!" Alice grabbed his hand accepting the gesture.

"We don't get many newcomers to the guild and most everyone in the kingdom is already aware of our door. If you knew you needed to come here, then someone should have warned you." said Samuel holding on to her hand a little longer than needed.

"Well, at least someone in this place is decent… I'm here to register to become a mage. I just found out my elements are wind and shadow." Alice told him. 'I'll have to pay Jess back for this door later.' She thought to herself.

"SHADOW?!" Samuel exclaimed getting the attention of others. "That's amazing! You're the 1st shadow mage I've ever seen!"

"Is being a shadow mage really all that great?" she asked. 'That was quite the unexpected reaction…'

"Yes, it is. It's a very rare element. You will have no issues trying to join the mages guild having that element!" Samuel stated bringing her to the front desk excitedly. "Sarah! I've brought us a new mage who wants to join. Guess what her element is?!"

"Sigh, let me guess. Light?" Sarah said looking unimpressed.

"Nope, the exact opposite." Samuel stated proudly as if it were his own element.

"I also have the wind element." Alice said, speaking up before they kept going on with their conversation.

Both Samuel and Sarah stopped talking and stared at Alice waiting for her to tell them she's joking. 'What's with these people…?' Alice thought.

"I think we better test your elements here to be sure that you're telling the truth. Not that I don't trust you but having duel elements and having the shadow element is way too much." Sarah said pulling out a crystal a little bit smaller and smoother than the one at the adventurer's guild.

"You should already know what to do, so can you please place your hand on the crystal for me?" Sarah instructed.

"Sure thing." Alice placed her hand on the crystal and began to focus as much power as she could into the palm of her hand.
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Seconds later, she felt different than the last time. She felt like power was really flowing out of her hand. 'Am I feeling like this because of the sudden increase to my INT stat I gave before coming here.' Alice wondered as she heard whispers when finally, she opened her eyes.

Seeing not two but three colors brightly filling the crystal and everyone's jaws hitting the floor. "Shadow, Wind, and now Fire sounds like fun. When can I learn?" Alice asked happily

"Well, well, young lady. You're the very first tri-element user this kingdom has ever seen" An old man said. He was coming down a set of stairs while he spoke matter-of-factly to her. 'Who is this guy?' she wondered.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Albert and I am the master of this guild branch. May I ask what your name is young lady?"

"My name is Alice I'm looking to join this guild to learn magic."

"Sarah, please be sure to process her paperwork. You don't have to worry about all the extra info just update her ID card. When you get a moment Alice, I'd like you to come and see me." Albert said ascending back up the stairs.

"Here is your updated card. If you'd like I can have Samuel show you around." Sarah offered.

"Thank you that would help."

"Come this way. I'll show you to the magic practice room." Samuel grabbed Alice's hand leading the way.

"Is holding my hand necessary?" Alice asked uncomfortably 'He's not bad looking, but I just don't feel comfortable with him dragging me around.'

"Oh no... Sorry I was just excited." He stated, finally letting go of her hand. "If we walk through this wall, we will be in the magic training room." Samuel said as he passed through the wall.

Following his lead, she took a step and entered the room seeing an impossibly big room with targets placed everywhere.

"This is where you can train what you learn from either level skills or spell books I can demonstrate if you're curious about magic." Samuel spoke confidently.

"Yes, please do. What kind of magic do you---"?


"Fire magic," he said smiling triumphantly as he managed to use a quick cast thanks to his wand blowing a target up. "Normally, you would have to chant, but with certain high-level staffs and wands you can quick cast a specific magic ability or spell without the need for a chant."

"That's amazing!" she said honestly praising his ability. "Can I try something?"

"Sure, go for it but don't be upset if you can't do anything. You haven't even been trained in magic yet." Samuel said curious to see what she would do.

Alice touched a target closing her eyes focusing all her power into her palm while imagining fire. A few moments later, the target busted into flames leaving Samuel dumbfounded. "HOW??? You didn't chant or even know a spell yet!" Samuel asked.

"I felt the power during the crystal test, so I thought of just focusing on fire as the element for the power. The next thing I knew the target was on fire." Alice said honestly. "But anyways, I have to get back to the adventurer's guild. I still have my Talent test to finish before I can be an adventurer.

"Sigh, I understand but please come back immediately after that, the guild master will really want to talk to you now after that display of genius." Samuel said adamantly.

"Sure, I'll be sure to come back and talk to the Old Geezer." Alice said as she darted out of the room toward the front door.


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