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I was Reincarnated as a Fallen Angel
Author :Slewis
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2 Adventures Guild

Entering the kingdom's outer gates, Alice's eyes widen as she sees multiple different races. A chance she never got when living in the Angel kingdom, she was an elite warrior who was always kept within reach of the royalty. She rarely had the chance to see, let alone talk to other races. So, this was a welcome experience for her.

The buildings were much different from what she was used to. They were humble and small, made from brick, and had a reddish color to them. While she could see much taller and grandiose buildings further into the kingdom, she was still pleasantly surprised to see how the other races lived.
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Thinking of races, she remembered hers as being Fallen. "Err... Guard, can I ask a question?" Alice tried to think of a way to ask the guard about what was on her mind.

"My name is Adam, and you can ask whatever you need to know." He continued to lead her through the city.

"I'm just curious. I heard about a class called Fallen. Do you by chance know anything about that?" Alice asked nervously

"Fallen is a rare class, it's one that you can't obtain unless you have a relation to the Angel Race. You probably won't have to worry about that. No one has seen a Fallen or an Angel in quite some time." Adam answered as he stopped and turned towards Alice. "We have arrived at the guild. If you go to the receptionist and inform her you were robbed, she can issue you a new ID, as well as, help you with any other questions." Adam stated before walking off.

Walking in toward the receptionists, many of the adventures stopped talking, and silently stared at the beautiful girl standing before them. Feeling the eyes on her, she felt uneasy as this was a first for her. She was a beautiful angel standing at 5'8". Short, blonde hair. Blue eyes and a slender yet curvy body. While this body was at most 5'4", had long, grey hair, light purple eyes, and a petite body figure.

Wondering what her face looked like she snapped out of her daze "Hello. I just arrived in this kingdom; I was robbed of all my belongings. I am told that you can issue me a new ID and provide a temporary room for me?"

As the human receptionists looked up, she smiled and nodded her head. She grabbed the paperwork from below the counter before instructing her. "I'll need you to fill this out. We just need the basic info, whether or not you need a civilian ID, and more details if you wish to become an adventurer to take on requests."

"What information do you need for the adventure ID?" Alice asked politely.

"We will need to know your Name, Age, Class, and level. A talent test will be given to see if you can survive in a battle as well as a magic aptitude test. OH! By the way, my name is Jess! I can assume you would like the adventure paperwork?" Jess asked with a smile.

"Yes please." She replied, taking the paperwork and filling it out. 'I wonder if I can lie about my class. I'd hate to cause more issues for myself by being known as a Fallen. I also have no idea how old this body is.'

Name - Alice

Age - 17

Class - Swordswoman

Lvl - 2

Turning in the paperwork, she wondered about the tests which were mentioned before. "When does the talent test and magic test being?" Alice asked, hoping Jess wouldn't pry into the class.

"Since you're only Lvl 2, we can have that done in about an hour, when Mathew returns from his meeting. As for the magic aptitude, we can do that right now." The receptionist answered and began pulling a crystal the size of a watermelon out onto the table. "Please place your hand onto the crystal and close your eyes, try to imagine the power within your body being pushed toward your hand and keep this up for about 30 seconds."

Doing as Jess asked, Alice placed her hand on the crystal and imagines all the power in her body being pushed into the palm of her hand.

"Oh, wow. A duel aptitude." One adventure said to another, as many more started to watch and whisper.

"Did Jess say that right? The brat over there has two elements,"

"Haha, who knows you're just drunk, " said two men at a table near by.

"Wind and shadow are your elements." Said Jess with a slightly surprised look on her face. "You're quite lucky normally people only have one element. Only about 1 in every 100,000 have 2 elements let alone the shadow element. I'm sure you'll make it pretty far as an adventurer." Jess said happily.

"I can pretty much guess what can be done with wind, but what about shadow?" Alice asked wondering what use shadow could even be.

"The shadow element is great for sneak attacks, de-buffs, self-buffs, and movement. A talented Shadow mage can solo fight a boss monster if they know what they're doing" responded Jess.

"Is there a place where I can learn about my elements and how to use them? I'd also like to know where I'm sleeping." Alice asked wanting to know more about magic, seeing as she was a melee Angel and not able to use magic in the past.

"Of course! There is the Mage's guild. You can join them as well and learn everything you need to know regarding magic there. It's the building directly across from this one if you would like to use this time to register with their guild.

"Thanks, I think I'll do that." Alice made her way to the Mage's guild wondering how to kill the hour she had since it only took 20 minutes to register at the adventurer's guild. 'Maybe I can learn a trick or two to help me with my Talent test. I should also increase my INT while I have the time.'


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