I Wish Mo All the Best
187 The Bamboo Sheet On The Bed Is So Cooling Tonigh
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I Wish Mo All the Best
Author :Girly Honey
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187 The Bamboo Sheet On The Bed Is So Cooling Tonigh

Qianmo fell out with her father under Mu Feifei's instigation, starting her own business to compete with her father. They tussled so fiercely that Lin Xiang and Mu Feifei gained the opportunity to benefit from their quarrel. And, ultimately, Qianmo was jailed.

Lin Xiang took over the farm, but Mu Feifei had died by then. There was someone behind Lin Xiang, who was merely a puppet.

In her previous life, Qianmo had already died after her medications were switched before she could figure out the mastermind. Once she racked her mind, the incidents from her previous life began to look different.

Mu Feifei had died mysteriously in her previous life.

If she guessed right, it should've been Mu Feifei's master who had gotten rid of her after her ambitions spiraled out of control. After all, Lin Xiang, a short-sighted and brainless man, was much easier to grasp.

Qianmo met Black after she was released from prison. Black was earnest when he gave his woman all the advantages he could. He had great social connections and was compliant with Qianmo. With him backing her up, the hidden mastermind never attempted to antagonize her again. There wasn't even a trace of the mastermind anywhere near.

That meant, the other party was no match for Black even after he/she had reached his/her full potential ten years later. Therefore, the mastermind could only cower and hide in the dark while watching Qianmo retrieve what she had lost. The mastermind couldn't fight back at all.

Behind Qianmo was a man who spared no effort for the woman he loved, so the mastermind couldn't touch her at all. He/she could only lie low and watch Qianmo make a killing. Hence, Qianmo suspected that it should be Mu Feifei's current master, who had switched her heart medications in her previous life. He/she was the biggest suspect.

That person had never let her off. He/she first got her into a sham marriage with Mu Feifei and the scum. Now, he/she was trying to use the cousin to create obstacles for her.

But that person had forgotten one phrase, "The long arm of the law".

There would always be a trace left behind.

Qianmo had instantaneously dug out the cousin, who was a hidden threat, in only one round. Black had made a considerable contribution to this success. Who would expect the "greatest help" in her previous life had a homing function and could find her by himself.

"That cousin… would he notify the people behind him about this encounter?" Even though Black had no idea about her detailed scheme, he could guess from her expressions that she was planning for a big kill.

"He wouldn't. I have tested his character earlier. He has little loyalty and is a person who bends with the wind. He will align with the stronger contender."

This type of person would leave the academy ultimately. He wasn't a good fit for this line of work, because he had none of the police profession's most necessary quality.


"What were you testing earlier?" Black was more interested in that as Momo had made him complete a set too.

This girl was so naughty and always trying to pull a prank on him—Qianmo setting traps for others was just being mischievous in his eyes. He could outwit everyone except her because it was always him who would be tricked when it came to her.

"Do you really want to know?" He could drown in the glimmer in her eyes.

Black nodded honestly.

She suddenly got closer to him and whispered into his ears.

"There was some rain and wind at dusk, that relieved the heat in the day. After playing with some music instruments, I redo my makeup in front of the mirror again." She was a woman of letters. Erm, it sounds just right.

Black was stunned at first. Wasn't this Li Qingzhao's "Song of Ugly Slave" [1. Li Qinzhao https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Qingzhao][1]? What did it mean?

She needed skincare and cosmetics items?

He had to consult with his dear mother and dear sister about this. After all, the two of them were really into beauty products.

"My mother said, 'A woman who splurges on the correct beauty products will have an elegance that will be stunning for a whole century.' Let me bring you to the mall?"

Qianmo smiled at such a straightforward expression. But, this simply wasn't enough.

She shook her head. "Let me test you. What's the next phrase of this lyric poetry?"

"The thin silk translucent magenta nightgown was obscure, snowy pale skin could be seen vaguely, and a light mesmerizing scent washed over them. She smiled and told her lover, 'The bamboo sheet on the bed is so cooling tonight.'"

Yu Changmo could continue with the next phrase without even thinking. His parents had taught him all the Tang and Song poetry before he was three years old as his early childhood education. The Study Machine didn't need to rack his brains.

"So, what's the meaning?" It was addictive to tease him. What should she do? She couldn't stop at all.

Qianmo felt like a big bad sister teasing an innocent young boy.

"The weather is cool tonight, which is suitable for the husband and wife to make out—Erm?!" Understanding finally dawned on him, and the base of his ears turned red.

He began to think of those "indescribables" she had bought yesterday and how she was hinting to him that she was going to wear them for him…

Having achieved her motive of "Bullying The Innocent Man", Qianmo leaned on her seat, feeling sated.

Yu Changmo was trying his best to remain calm. He pretended things weren't the way he thought they were. However, his heart had already grown a pair of wings and was slowly flying toward the ""colorful direction.

Was she… flirting with him?

Was this a naked seduction?

No, no, no. The Goddess wouldn't do that. She is so innocent and perfect; there's no way she would be this straightforward.

"I'm a very straightforward person." Dear, shall we agree on a time?

"Very good." Straightforwardness is a virtue too. Straightforward girls are so rare. She's not wishy-washy at all—Black immediately stomped the thoughts he just had under his feet until they were all mushed up.

"It's best that you tell me directly. I'm afraid I will misunderstand." His sweat slowly seeped into his palms, afraid that he was being over-sentimental.

"So what if you misunderstand?" She had indeed added a test for sexual preference for him separately, but so what?

Was she, Chen Qianmo, the kind of person who dared not answer for her actions?

She indeed wanted to test if he liked a gentle little princess or a wild kitten; liked a coy queen or a violent…

Although the two of them had a harmonious relationship, his character was to put her interests first. Who knew what he liked?

She had already told him so directly that it equaled her extending an olive branch to him.

Intimate contact would increase his euphoria, which was beneficial to the treatment for phobia—this was written in the letter her mentor wrote. Qianmo felt she had followed the instructions to a V, nope, to a T!

Actually, Chen Meng didn't have the guts to say it too openly. She only imagined they would hold hands or kiss. After all, Qianmo's childhood experiences indicated that she was rather conservative when it came to male-female relationships.

The statement was true, but after rebirth… it wasn't quite the same. She already had prepared her "battle gear", which was everything Black preferred.

Black was repeating her words silently to slowly digest them…

Qianmo was analyzing how he would react after he received such an obvious hint. How big was the probability that he would throw himself at her on the back seat like he did in the previous life?

Of course, it was not restricted to the backseat.

After all, the benefits of a "battlefield" car type were plenty of positions for the front seat and plenty of space in the back.

However, she only saw this man, who was driving, stare ahead, holding the steering wheel and sitting prim and proper. He looked proud and unapproachable and focused on his driving with intense concentration.

Hmm… there were no effects?

Qianmo thought her hints were not clear enough and should give him another gentle reminder when she felt something amiss.

"… What's that dripping onto your clothes?" Qianmo pointed to his chest.

Black lowered his head. A little red flower. Drip, another drop.

One drop, two drops, and another drop.

It was blood.

[1] https://m.gushici.com/t_10716


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