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Author :LuckyCharms
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8 years ago

In a secluded alley a boy with a bloody face was kneeling down and begging for the three other people that were there

"I'm sorry, please just stop"

"Kid you didn't give us money this week and you know what this calls for right guys" the man in red hair asked

Two people sticked out their tongues and maniacally laughed "beating time"

The boy had a horrified expression on his face "You promised me you wouldn't"

The red haired boy smirked "Kid I never promised you anything"

10 minutes later a boy with a bloody face limped out

He looked at the gloomy sky "I sometimes wonder if I even deserve to live" and with that he went home

opening the door to his house let all the alcoholic air out. "Hey you dip shit go buy me some soju" said a man that smelled awfully disgusting. The boy looked at him with emotionless eyes "I don't have money so go buy it yourself". The man was enraged "How dare you say that when I took your slutty mother in and gave her a roof on top of her head. The boy turned red all over and yelled at the man "don't you fucking insult my mother you pig". All of a sudden a women came in "joon-hoo stop". The man looked pleasantly surprised and started to touch the women all over. Joon-hoo was irate 'how dare she, his mother let that pig touch her'. He was mad but he was powerless. He looked at the door and as he was about to leave, Joon-hoo's mom looked at him "don't come back for a few hours". Joon-hoo left with a heavy heart and went to a dark alley to buy some drugs. As he was walking he stopped and looked at his reflection from the corner store's windows. He had black hair but deep blue eyes, cherry colored lips and frightening pale skin, he looked like a monster and a monster he was.
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"Yo, Joon-hoo the usual?" A black masked man asked

Joon-hoo looked at the man and started nod his head back and forth "how much?"

"700 won"

"make it cheaper"

The man looked in disbelief "why should I?"

"Because I have 500 and you'll still be making profit anyways so make it cheaper"

"Fuck fine"

After the exchange, Joon-hoo sat down and started snorting up the cocaine from his nose as he was getting high he heard sirens from the area he stayed. Joon-hoo tried to ignore it but he had a very bad feeling so he got up and ran all the way to his house. When he arrived the police were picking up something and he saw a hand that looked exactly like his mothers. He started running as fast as he could and the cops were about to stop him until they heard him shout mom. When Joon-hoo arrived and looked upon his mothers cold dead body he was shocked to the core, he saw her with such a peaceful smile like she was embracing death itself. Joon-hoo started to laugh maniacally and looked up at the sky "WHYY" with that he quickly fell down on his knees and started sobbing


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