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Author :LuckyCharms
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Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Throughout the airport people were walking in a hurry to get to their flight on time but there was an anomaly, a man was standing in the busiest area which caused confusion among the crowd. The man was dressed in all black and only his face and hands were showing, The man looked around for a while with hatred in his eyes "I'm back" he said in a bitter tone. While he was looking around a little boy came out form his back and called him daddy. The man looked down to his side and put his hand down so he could hold his sons hands. The man looked at his son and with affection he voiced "James, Hold my hand". The little boy looked at his fathers hands and smiled while reaching out his little snow like hands. "Daddy, when are you going to start your job?" The man froze for a second before he became relaxed once again "In 1 week, James" as the man answered James question, he was looking around and everything reminded him of the abuse he suffered 8 years ago. 'I'm afraid, of confronting my past' "Daddy let's go" James said as he started pulling the man forward The man looked at his hand and thought 'I won't be afraid because I have him with me, my light' with that thought he smiled and moved on forward
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