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Harry Potter and the Forger of Worlds
Author :Thoth0
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84 Life Issues

When Nova arrived back at Hogwarts, it was now the afternoon and even though things had gotten out of hand the day before, everything seemed to have gone back to normal. Hagrid was also back from Azkaban, after his release papers had been dropped off this morning.

Now that the incident was over, Nova was now sitting inside the Room of Requirement with his forging equipment present and he was not alone. Accompanying him in the room was Hermione, Luna, Daphne and for some reason Helen was in there too.

\"So let me see if I have this straight. You are a Dragon God that creates and forges worlds. After a rebellion in your Realm, your wife died and because this world was nearby, her soul or rather what was left of it fell into this world, split and now resides in not only myself, but Hermione, Luna, a Diadem, your wand, some Veela, and some crackpot killer in Azkaban. And if the fragments are not strengthened to a certain level we will be unable to produce the Phoenix Flames needed to relight your Forge for the repairs to keep this world alive. Not only that there is a homicidal Angel called Samuel that is trying to oppose you and will do whatever he can to overthrow the Void to rule it. Is there anything I am missing?\" Daphne said.

\"No, no I think you just about summed it up properly.\" Nova replied. He had just finished going through and filling Daphne in on the situation altogether. \"Do you have any questions?\"

\"What will happen once we manage to complete the processes?\" Daphne asked. Luna and Hermione also nodded in agreement since that had been wondering about it as well.

\"Nothing really. I will go back to my dimension. While you three will continue your lives down in this world.\" Nova calmly explained.

\"NO! I wish to stay with you Darling!\" Helena said. \"Plus since your wife already approved of you having other women. It would be wrong to deny her last wishes.\"

While the other girls were sitting in chairs, Helena was in fact sitting in Nova's lap, much to the irritation of the other girls, but Nova chose to ignore it.

\"That may be so. But it would not be right to separate you from your life here in this realm.\" Nova stated.

\"But Nova didn't you say that because of the soul fragments inside us we would be drawn to you? Would it not mean that we are linked to you by whatever laws of fate?\" Hermione asked.

\"Indeed you can look at it like that. But you three are still hatchlings. Lets have this conversation in a few more years.\" Nova said, eager to finish the conversation.

\"Ok. So where do we stand so far on the soul levels.\" Luna asked.

\"Surprisingly though the Soul Fusion should have weakened your fragments it actually balanced all of you out. Though I don't know where you were at before the Fusion Daphne. Since I was not expecting the Artifacts to fuse with you like they did. Undoubtedly the fragment in my wand had something to do with it. But right now you are all at 5 tails.\" Nova said.

Indeed he did feel like something was odd with the fragment inside the wand. Astoria did have some of her personality in the Wand and the Diadem but Nova didn't think there was any form of the consciousness in them but he had been having the feeling they were more than they appeared to be. But what really puzzled him was the effects of the artifact's upgrade. They had turned Daphne into a living Artifact and even though he had seen it before it usually caused the old personality to be rewritten. But in this case, they had awakened the soul of Astoria, enhancing it a few tails, and acted as the stabilizing agent for the Soul Fusion.

Normally none of this would be a problem for Nova, but things were starting to get out of Nova's control, and he didn't like it. He needed things to flow smoothly and not as chaotic as they had been.

\"Now ladies. Is there anything we need to talk about and discuss? Or do you have any more questions?\" Nova asked wearily.

\"Not really. But Nova will you be able to help my sister this summer? Her condition is getting worse and my parents would like to have her cured before she starts school.\" Daphne asked.

\"Indeed I can. But first I will need to finish up some business with the goblins at the bank.\" Nova said. With that final answer, Nova and the girls parted ways.

After that discussion, the next few weeks went by no issues. Nova spent a few days a week working with Hermione, Luna, and Daphne on improving their souls, as well as enhancing their abilities. Though it was only Luna and Daphne that needed to practice with since Hermione's ability was her mental strength and abnormal control of her ability to conjure spells. But by the time summer came along everyone had made great progress. Luna could now see through the dimensions and locate things that were hidden from a normal mortals view. And as for Daphne, her ability was much harder for her to control since it was literally activated every time she spoke.

Daphne had awakened Astoria's voice, which had given Nova a large headache. The coding of the artifact had defined it as the Phoenix's Melody. Daphne had to be quite careful when speaking with anyone as just a slight change in her tone could entrance a person and give Daphne control over the person's very being. And since she often liked to hum, Daphne would unknowingly entrance people in earshot of her singing.

Daphne had also figured out how to weaponize her voice. Nova had found that when she screamed, it would produce a high pitched concussive blast that could send a person flying. None of these abilities were troublesome to Nova, but he knew that as her soul fragments got stronger, Daphne would soon have the ability to give verbal commands to whoever heard her speak. Similar to how Nova could give commands and assert his control over them. But in the hands of a hatchling as young as Daphne it worried him. Thankfully for him Daphne was relatively quiet most of the time and didn't cause him too much trouble.

The only real trouble Nova had in the last three months was Helena. She had gone into heat for a month and had tackled Nova to the ground multiple times while trying to rip apart his clothes and hers in order for him to mate with her. And since there was no way for him to help her repress the desire to reproduce he had to stay on guard day and night. The only thing Nova found himself being thankful for was that female dragons only went into heat every six months after their initial cycle. The bad part about this was that Helena got extremely clingy with Nova and ill tempered at every male in Hogwarts since Nova was the strongest around. It got so bad after the second week that Nova had to stay locked up with Helena in the Room of Requirement at the request of the Old Man after Helena had tossed more than a few of the Seventh Year Males out a window when they tried to flirt with her. Funnily enough though after the Cycle was over Helena reverted back to her original cold personality that she had as a ghost and was in fact so embarrassed that she avoided Nova like the plague. Seeing the change in personality caused Nova to laugh which further embarrassed her. But Nova didn't laugh to tease so much but more so laugh at his misfortune since this showed Helena's personality would revert to how it was while in heat. Nova was quite thankful that there were no events in the school that partnered males and females together for social events or parties.

And seeing how Helena reacted to the whole event, made Nova a little concerned for himself as well. Even though Nova soul was eon's old, this body he was in was not. This body was about the age of a 13 year old hatchling and was still growing. Just this past year alone Nova's physical body had grown eight inches and he figured it would put him in the 5' 8\" range by the start of the summer. This would make him almost a foot taller than the average hatchling. But none of that mattered, what Nova was concerned about was his own desire to mate.

See when Nova came into existence, he was already in his adult form and didn't go through a hatchling faze. So he never had the random urge to mate and always had control. When he did have the urge back in the Void, he always had Astoria by his side, but now that he was in a hatchling's body, and no wife with him, Nova didn't know what to expect or for that matter what the signs were going to be. But he would worry about it when the time came since it was not something he had control over.

As the year came to an end, they were in the Great Hall. The Old Man was giving his end of the year speech. Gryffindor won the House Cup again and since exams had been cancelled everyone was extremely happy. Nova in particular was glad the year was over since he had a few things to take care of starting with the Goblins of Gringotts and seeing their progress.

So when the next day came, Nova found himself gathering up the tools and supplies he had, and was aboard the train accompanied by Hermione, Luna, and Daphne on the way back to London.


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