God Of Lust
101 Qiuyue 6 .
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God Of Lust
Author :RikSteing
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101 Qiuyue 6 .

After spending some time climbing the mountain, Bao Zhang finally reached the top and found a small old and rather a rustic cottage, which had apparently been maintained in very good condition by the Zhang Family.

It still remains firm and just as Bao Zhang remembers.

This was the cottage where Bao Zhang grew up as a child and was raised along with his three sisters by his loving mother.

Just seeing this cottage makes him recover many scenes from his memories of when he was a child and played together with Umi, Anzu, and Xuexie.

As Bao Zhang approached, he could see that there were no lights protruding from the inside;

'Has mother gone to sleep yet?' Asked Bao Zhang, as he touched his chin in contemplation, but then a smile rose between his lips and grabbed the doorknob.

"As I thought..." He muttered as the smile between his lips grew larger, he turned the doorknob and it opened.

As Bao Zhang thought, the door was left open!

But why? His mother Qiuyue is the only one currently in the cottage, so why did Qiuyue leave the door open?

For Bao Zhang, the answer is quite simple and unexpected;

His mother, Qiuyue, left the door open especially for him!

With a smile on his face, he turned the doorknob and went inside after closing the door.

Upon entering, Bao Zhang observed the room in the dark where only a small trace of light entered through the reflection of the window.

Though the room was quite dark, a few old furniture and the wooden floor that squeaked with every step he took were still visible.

Walking forward, Bao Zhang reached the continuous room where he remembered from his childhood memories, that this was the only sleeping room in the entire cottage.

Before, when he and his three sisters were children, they always slept in that cozy but comfortable room along with their warm mother.

And now...

Entering, Bao Zhang gazed at the bed in front of him with a gleam in his eyes. Where his mother, Qiuyue, in a light white nightgown slept with a soft breath.

This sight moved Bao Zhang, because, with the reflection of the light reflecting like a celestial light on the bed and his beautiful mother with her incredible curves lying beautifully on the bed, this created an incredible image of daydream. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Without hesitation, he advanced and lay beside his mother while he reached out his hand and caressed his mother's soft hair delicately.

Though Qiuyue seemed to be comfortably asleep. Bao Zhang knew that she was pretending and was actually wide awake.


Bao Zhang approached and joined his lips in a soft kiss with his mother, as he savored the delicate lips.

After a few seconds, Qiuyue groaned weakly as her cheeks blushed and her lips began to move according to the rhythm of the kiss her son was giving him.

This gentle kiss continued until it became an intense, erotic kiss in which they exchanged saliva and lewdly wrapped their tongues.

"N… Ah, nh…"

Gentle groans began to escape from Qiuyue.

As Bao Zhang continued to savor his mother's lips, he slowly began to spread his hands across her delicate legs, climbing up until he reached her chubby ass. While there, Bao Zhang extended his hand widely, and with his palm fully extended he grabbed Qiuyue's chubby ass tightly.


A nice scream of alarm and surprise escaped from his mother. But Bao Zhang ignored his mother's cute scream and continued to caress the plump, soft flesh as he slightly sunk his fingers through the valley of the two mounds of her ass.

The redness on Qiuyue's cheeks increased as she felt her son's abrupt movements.

"Mother, do you want to keep pretending to sleep?" Bao Zhang asked amusingly with a smile on his face.

Qiuyue shuddered and slowly opened her eyes, revealing her beautiful almond eyes that seemed to glow with the reflection of light that illuminated her charming face slightly. Within her eyes, one could see several complicated emotions as she looked at her son, but above all, one could see the incredible affection mixed with the excitation.

Bao Zhang was quite pleased and proud to see this result. He still remembers that when he barely woke up in this body. In order to get closer to his mother, he had to pretend to keep having the same mentality of the 12-year-old boy that his mother knew, all in order to get closer to her to change her perspective of him.

Everything was so that his mother would see him as a man and not just as a son...

Hehehe...' A half-evil smile widened between Bao Zhang's lips at the sight of his mother's excited state and the little groans she made when he caressed her chubby ass.

This was certainly a very satisfying result!

"W-Wait... Bao, wait..... Don't touch there~" Qiuyue suddenly spoke in a choppy and shy voice, but with a slight touch of alarm as Bao Zhang's fingers crawled across the valley on her mounds and seemed to want to enter that 'private place'.

No doubt, with the little sexual experience Qiuyue would have had in her life, playing with that place was totally embarrassing and humiliating for her. But now that her son's fingers were caressing there, Qiuyue's body trembled, as she covered her red face with shame.

That place for her turned out to be an even more shameful place than her own pussy.

The place that was being rubbed and softened by Bao Zhang's fingers was neither more nor less than the small anus hidden between the two mounds of Qiuyue.


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