Dreams or Memory
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Dreams or Memory
Author :gejupw
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1 chapter 0

A wide plain filled with rocks and grass, two armies about to clash.

The Empire consist of 10 thousand light infantry each soldier equip with short sword or short spear and a shield, three thousand light archer with light armor and longbow, a thousand armored chariot equip with serrated wheels with 2 armored horse pulling it, 3 thousand armored cavalries, 5 thousand reserve mercenary consist of Orcs, Goblins, and random adventurers, lastly a hundred adept mages, a total of 22 thousand strong.

On the opposite side

They are few in numbers, 5 thousand at most, but it doesn't mean they can be trampled easily, for they are a race that's above others in size and strength, the Giants. A 6ft tall adult male is considered a dwarf, an average size of 8 - 10 ft tall, but their height is only a fracture of their might. Muscular and strong, high resistant to magic and a natural instinct in fighting, for this reason, they can wear the heaviest armor and weapon, they are fearsome and fearless. An army of 5 thousand heavy Infantry.

The odds are 4 - 1, naturally in war the superior in number always have the advantage, yet the Empire's current Chief General of this whole army Lord Crandel Hamilsen a veteran of war, wise and cunning thinks otherwise he can't afford to lose more than half of his army on this battle or else he won't have enough men to subdue the capital of this clan, and he will be forced to retreat plus the loss of his army will be a big blow to him.

The two armies standoff for at least 1 hour without making a move and then from the Giant's army, he steps in, standing around 11 ft tall with a braided hair and beard, wearing heavy armor, horned helmet, a giant hammer and a long scar on his face, he speaks up.

"Empire! I am the Chieftain of my clan, I'm getting bored of this, how about we have a little fun? send me your best soldiers and I will fight them on my own, If they beat me; well you most likely won this war easily right? I could use a little warm up Hahahaha common don't be scared"

Lord Hamilsen is not that stupid throwing them in a cliff will have a better chance of surviving than fighting that monster, he knows him, his name is Xorak is never been defeated, he became the chieftain of his clan by killing the former chieftain, and he did this while the chieftain was guarded with 10 of his best warriors and the former chieftain himself is considered a formidable warrior, but he massacre them all alone. Hamilsen knows he's just being taunted but this will be a good opportunity to buy some time, a while ago he sent a messenger to the closest stronghold in the area for back up, if he can buy a little bit of time will be a big help, but he can't send his best, although hundreds of his loyal subordinate volunteered he refuses them all.

He asks his subordinates to pick five soldiers that might be interested in honor and glory, of course, a hundred gold coins as well, win or lose they will be rewarded. The gold will be sent to their families if they died in battle, well everyone knows they are being sent to their death, but even after that, these five soldiers step up.

An Orc who wants to prove himself in battle.

A goblin who got tempted by gold, he must have some plan.

A middle age human, he's very poor and couldn't even afford a helmet, and probably agreed because he wants to provide for his family and a small hope of surviving.

Another human, a mage that wants to test his skill and hope for fame and glory.

And a young man, whos reasons is unknown even to himself. His body just automatically moves on its own as if he has done this a hundred times already.


"Hahahaha very brave of you all, now you can all come at me at once, so you morrons will stand a chance at the very least."

Orc warrior:

"Piss off!!! Rawrr!!!"

The orc charges at Xorak with his ax without a second thought.

Human Mage:

"Wait we must think this through first!"


"weeeeeee let's go!"

Middleage Human:

"I guess we don't have any choice"

As the Orc warrior charges, the rest of them followed to gank up on Xorak. The Orc swing his ax as he jumps towards Xorak, but Xorak easily parries it with his own hammer. Xorak was only using one hand and yet the impact of the strike sends the ax flying upwards disarming the Orc warrior, and while all of this is happening the Goblin quickly move to the side of Xorak and using his blowgun he landed a shot to the neck.


"hahaha take that! that dart is loaded with deadly poison!"

The Middleage Human move to the back of Xorak to stab and slash him multiple times with a short sword.

Right after all of this, the mage finishes his casting and sends a mid-tier spell.

Human Mage

"Everyone back away!"

"Oh, Spirit of fire burning inside me lend me your power! FireBall!"


Smoke and dust covered the area around

Middleage Human

"That should get him right? after all that damage."

Human Mage:

"I don't think so, check your sword."

The Middleage Human become speechless

The sword barely has any blood on it and full of small chips instead. 

Then the orc moves closer to check on Xorak and as he get close,the sound of his ax falling from above can be heard then out of the smoke Xorak came out catches the falling ax


and in one swing he chops off the Orc's head.

End of chapter


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